Jennifer Eivaz: I Hear Voices

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Linda walked into the prayer service for the first time. I’ve never met her before and observed her professional look and demeanor. My prayer teams are very sensitive and easily detected her issues. They kept control of the room’s atmosphere despite what Linda brought in and continued on as she sat and observed. Linda would close her eyes at different times or drift into some Bible reading. Other times, she would look around the room as if confused. She was always swift to leave at the end.

As time went on, various persons tried to reach out to her. She would get angry just enough to shut you down or argue with you just enough to keep you at a distance. I was one of the few persons that could reach her. Linda finally confessed to the problem. She was “hearing voices”. She wanted help, but didn’t realize how much life would have to change in order to get a grip on that world.

I understood what Linda was experiencing. I’ve always heard voices even as a small child. I connected it to being in-tune with the spirit realm. I didn’t become a Christian until I was a freshman in college, and a year later I was delivered from occult spirits.

I grew up as a Mormon and occasionally dabbled with spirits and other occult activities in ignorance. Even though I loved Jesus, my actions resulted in a very rough season of deliverance. I was truly set free and experienced real authority in Christ, only to be thrown into a very loud and intense world of… voices.

Now I was hearing voices in the air, voices in my mind, and voices of spirits. It was intense and things never did quiet down. At first, I wanted to be alone as much as possible; being in crowds was painful and I began to crave and treasure silence. When things didn’t change, it left me with the typical questions, “Am I schizophrenic? Am I demon-possessed? Or, do I have a really weird gift from God?”

“Get Out Of My Thoughts!”

The reason I thought I might have something from God is because I started to hear people’s thoughts. Let me explain that. I know that husbands and wives often know each other’s thoughts without thinking too much about it. It’s a sign of intimacy between them. I also read in the Bible that Jesus would perceive people’s thoughts and He would answer their thoughts appropriately. This gave Jesus an advantage in difficult crowds.

Since my experience was in the Bible, I felt better about it but not for reasons you might think. I didn’t know everyone’s waking thought nor did I want to. I would often hear or feel someone’s strongest thought and would even attempt to speak into it when I felt God’s permission. Now years later, this activity flows quite naturally with me, and I usually don’t think about it before I’ve said something revealing to the person I’m with. This has earned me, however, the uncomfortable rebuke from some to,”Get out of my thoughts!”

It took me years to sort it out, but I had received the gift of “discerning of spirits” (see 1 Corinthians 12:10) that operated sympathetically. Because everything has a voice to it, through this gift, I was hearing or feeling the voice of pretty much everything until I learned how to manage it.

The Gift Of Discerning of Spirits

I’ll try to describe how it works. God has created everything with His word and all creation is designed to praise Him. If the people of earth fail to praise God, the Bible says even the rocks will cry out (see Luke 19:40). It’s fascinating that the voice of praise can be triggered within the rocks should human creation fail to do so. I’m bringing this out to demonstrate that everything has the capacity to “sound off” under certain conditions.

There is a voice (or “sound”) on land, in the air, in people groups, in animals, in objects, and on and on. Often that sound becomes painful or aggravating to me when something has corrupted it. I’ll hear or feel the voice of the problem in my mind, on my skin, in my emotions, just to name a few. If you are experiencing this and don’t know what it is, you will definitely think you’re crazy.

The gift of discerning of spirits is allowing you to hear creation “sound off.” Your next task will be to intercede until creation praises and responds properly to God again. When it does, you’ll be at peace.

In my world, this has resulted in much deliverance of land in my city. For example, the north area of our city began to “release a sound” several years ago. That area was barren and only dirt for miles. The voice sounding off the land put feelings of aggravation in me before turning to head-trips and night terrors. The Holy Spirit told me exactly what it was. There was an occultic spirit on the land. When that spirit was finally removed through intercession, the entire area went through radical transformation.

Mass construction came in within that year. Homes, schools, and shopping centers were built. We even bought a new home there! When land is delivered from a demonic stronghold, think of Daniel’s “Prince of Persia” as another example of this; it will visibly come under the blessing of God. The land can now respond properly and there will be results you can point to. This land deliverance happened because I began to hear and feel the voice of the problem and it drove me into intercession just to get my peace back.
Is This a Gift From God Or a Mental Disorder?

We have a very sophisticated medical community in America. Without the medical community, a lot of us would be dead or very impaired. I completely honor our medical community and their successes. In the midst of this, there still isn’t consistent consideration of the spiritual aspects of many diseases and disorders. This unfortunately leaves a whole group of people broken and mislabeled.

Consider the woman who was bent over for 18 years and then healed by Jesus of a spirit of infirmity (see Luke 13). In today’s medicine, she would be labeled as crippled, or with MS, or perhaps scoliosis. She didn’t have any of those diseases. The Bible says she had a spirit of infirmity. That’s a demonic spirit and not a medical condition. When Jesus cast it out, she was made well.

The same goes for the young boy who was having mental fits and trying to kill himself (see Mark, chapter 9). Medically, he would have been labeled epileptic, schizophrenic, or psychotic and given medication in today’s world. The true issue was spiritual. He was possessed by a deaf and dumb spirit.

There is a medical label for nearly everything and a medicinal approach to most of it. If it’s a physical problem, then it should respond to most physical treatments. When it’s a spiritual problem, it will not respond. When it’s a spiritual problem, it won’t respond to doctor’s orders and the condition will even tend to get worse with medicine.

When people are hearing voices or experiencing extreme mood swings, we are quick to label these persons as schizophrenic or bipolar. I do think it’s important to first rule out any physical causes. If diet, medication, reducing stress, and all such remedies fail, then it has to be rooted in something else. In these cases, I do believe it’s a spiritual issue and if you can go there with me… it just might be God! I’ve walked this out thoroughly and have discovered it to be true in my life and many others.

A Gift You Learn to Walk Out

If that’s you, will you consider that you are not crazy, but actually gifted? The gift of discerning of spirits can manifest as “hearing voices” and having “extreme mood swings”. I’ve said many times that I can have a mood swing depending on what house I’m standing in front of.

via pixabay.comThis is a gift you learn to walk out. It requires a heavy diet of the Word, prayer, and self-discipline to keep corrupted atmospheres or voices and sounds from ruling you. The Word has to rule your feelings because you won’t feel normal on most days. It’s a muscle of faith that you develop over time. You will live a more sanctified life because of all this.

Our church has many people who hear things much like I do. We’ve all thought we were crazy at one point, but now we’ve discovered the truth. We have a gift from God and it’s an unusual life to live out. This gift is needed, it’s spectacular at times, and you’ll often know things before others do. Its function, however, will keep you very humble and close to God.

Jennifer Eivaz, Associate Minister
Harvest Christian Church

Jennifer Eivaz is a vibrant minister and international conference speaker who carries the wisdom and fire of the Holy Spirit. She presently serves as an associate minister with Harvest Christian Center in Turlock, CA and is focused on raising up a passionate and effective prayer community that is tempered with love and hears the voice of God accurately. Jennifer loves the Presence of God and is a prophetic voice to her church and to others. Her teaching style is authentic and aimed at the heart having been built on her personal testimony of God’s incredible goodness and miraculous display in her life and in the life of her church. Jennifer is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is married to HCC’s Senior Pastor Ron Eivaz, and they have two wonderful children. She has written a book called The Intercessors Handbook


“Trust Me to Deliver You to Your Promised Destination” Garris Elkins

Garris and Jan Elkins                                Tracks in the Desert






Recently, some of you have felt like a fully loaded locomotive moving at top speed with train cars lined up behind you as far as the eye can see. There has been tremendous momentum developed in your life in this past season.

Through unforeseen events, all of a sudden, you are now seeing the end of the train tracks ahead of you. You might be seeing the end of a season of life, but have no idea what is coming next. You might be seeing the end of a ministry or the end of a cherished relationship fast approaching. The end of what is known can have a paralyzing effect.

The visible rails of this current season are coming to an end and there appears to be nothing ahead but unknown and untested desert sand. It is too late to put on the natural brakes. There is not enough time. You are thinking that in just a few moments your life, as you know it, will derail and crash into the soft sand of an undefined future. The speed of this perceived crash is taking your breath away.

“I Will Make A Way…”

free photo flickrAs I processed these words the Lord spoke a word of hope and promise:

“I will make a way in this fast, approaching desert where no way seems possible. I will not allow what I have set in motion in your life to end in disaster. I have laid tracks under the sand of your developing future that are not yet visible to the natural eye. These tracks will rise up and catch the wheels of your life and deliver you across this undefined desert place. (Photo by Robert Bartow )

“I have been this way before with many others just like you. I know what I am doing. Trust Me to deliver you to your promised destination. Instead of crying out in fear at the end of these tracks, you will cry out in joy for what I have done.

Between now and the end of these known tracks let the remaining moments reveal the true colors of your faith, developing you and maturing you so that you are not deficient in any way for the coming new season. Your act of faith is to believe in the substance of tracks not yet seen.”

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness.” Isaiah 43:19

Garris Elkins, Senior Leader
Living Waters Church – Medford, Oregon



Warning: Don’t Miss The Boat!:Bonnie Jones

Bob and Bonnie Jones





In a vision I saw a small sailboat on the glistening, moonlit water at night; it was just ready to leave shore. Just as everyone was boarding, a woman ran back to take care of her unfinished business. The people cried out to her with a warning: “The boat is leaving now!” She continued on her way while the boat drifted away from shore.

Suddenly she turned around and frantically ran toward the water, but it was too late. She missed the boat. The passengers had no oars and couldn’t return to shore to get her. She watched hopelessly from the shore as they drifted away into the moonlight.

Then I heard the Lord say, “Ready or not, here I come! Those who diligently seek the Lord will board this boat guided by the wind of the Holy Spirit!”

Don't miss the boat!Faith is lifting our sails in this day as the Holy Spirit of Truth is leading us. No longer can we follow after agendas, patterns, and formulas; we must be totally reliant on the Holy Spirit to guide us. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

I believe this woman represents Christians that truly love the Lord, yet they remain carnally minded. They continue using their natural senses instead of becoming spiritually minded. Therefore they still desire to feed their flesh, and when the Lord calls, their desire will always be to take care of the natural business first instead of doing the will of the Father.

Testing Of The Heart

There’s a testing of our hearts taking place right now, and the outcome will be according to our decision. God will not violate our free will and we must live with the consequence of the choice we make. Will we follow after Him or continue on our own path according to our fleshly desires?

When Elijah found Elisha and threw his mantle on him, Elisha’s first response was to run back and kiss his parents goodbye, then he would follow Elijah (see 1 Kings 19:20). Elisha was functioning in the carnal realm, or natural senses. And being a good son, his first response would be to honor his parents and tell them he was departing to follow after and be trained by this powerful man of God. Elisha, like the woman that missed the boat, had a choice to make. Elijah put him to the test, just like we are being tested today. Will you follow after Me or follow after your own fleshly desires?

Will you follow?So Elijah left there and found Elisha son of Shaphat, whose plowing was being done with twelve yoke of oxen, and he drove the twelfth. Elijah crossed over to him and cast his mantle upon him. He left the oxen and ran after Elijah and said, “Let me kiss my father and mother, and then I will follow you.” And he [testing Elisha] said, “Go on back. What have I done to you? [Settle it for yourself.]” So Elisha went back from him. Then he took a yoke of oxen, slew them, boiled their flesh with the oxen’s yoke [as fuel], and gave to the people, and they ate. Then he arose, followed Elijah, and served him. 1 Kings 19:19-21 AMP (Photo via Christian Image Source)

Elijah heard directly from God. But God was not in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire. The Lord was in the still, small voice. Today God is stretching forth His hand the second time to deliver the keys of David into the hand of the righteous who have followed the Father in spirit and truth. They have forsaken all others for the work of the Cross of Jesus Christ.


The Fiery Sword

We’ve come to the place in history being written that God will rewrite what man has done in his own will. God is sending forth a fiery sword out of the mouth of His true prophets in this day that will cause division. It is His division that conquers the false, because truth will trump the false every time. It may not look like it at first, but watch as God begins a small work and brings increase through the nations of the world. He’s coming in power in this day and we must be ready to move quickly. There is no obstacle in our life that God can’t cover or remove.

Warrior's Heart by Jennifer PageThe Book of Jude gives a warning about the false teachers that would creep in unnoticed for the purpose of turning God’s grace into lewdness and deny the Lord (see verse 4). They are dreamers that defile the flesh, reject authority, and speak evil of whatever they do not know because they don’t know the person of the Word. They have never established a personal relationship with the Lord, and therefore operate from the flesh. And because they lack personal relationship with God and the desire to know His will, they corrupt themselves. Therefore they fall into apostasy and cause others to stumble (see verses 8-10).

Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah. Jude 11

We’re given three examples in the above verse, and I believe it is a progression. Man begins with hatred in his heart that leads to greed, and in time, as they mature in the nature of the evil one, it manifests itself in rebellion. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (see 1 Samuel 15:23), and God rejects those who partake of it.

The Way Of Cain:Cain had enmity in his heart. It was a deep-rooted hatred toward his brother that in time caused Cain to murder Abel. Cain’s hatred and jealousy toward Abel was greater than his love for God. He had a choice to make. He chose to satisfy his flesh instead of following after God’s heart and ruling over his fleshly desire. Cain had never established personal relationship with the Father, where I believe Abel did. That is why God rejected his offering.

If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it. Genesis 4:7

Greed leads to rebellionThe Error Of Balaam For Profit: Balaam was a soothsayer who mixed truth with false doctrine. His error was greed, or covetousness, because he was paid well to bring a curse upon the people of Israel. God’s anger was kindled against him when he disobeyed Him and later withstood the Angel of the Lord three times. Balaam repented and brought the word of the Lord, refusing to curse Israel (see Numbers 22-23). (Photo via Pixabay)

The Rebellion Of Korah: Korah rejected true leadership, causing many to perish. He was one of the richest leaders of the Levites and a cousin of Moses and Aaron. He was jealous and felt overlooked for leadership, and therefore gathered 250 leaders of the assembly to rebel against Moses and Aaron. This angered God and He separated the holy from the profane. God did a new thing (see Numbers 16:30-32) and the earth opened up its mouth and swallowed them and their households – and a fire consumed the rest of the 250 men (see Numbers 16).

Crossroads In Time

Crossroads in timeThe Body of Christ has come to a crossroads in time, a juncture on their heavenly journey in the Lord. Each one must decide for themselves which way to go. Some will want to turn back for fear of the unknown, yet others will proceed in faith. It is there that God meets them head-on, and they will move into a new dimension in Him. Those who choose to proceed in faith must be space aviators and explore the uncharted waters of the Spirit. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

The Lord is coming for His Bride without spot or wrinkle. She will be scarred from the many battle wounds she sustained, but she will be worthy as she praises Him. The world has set itself on a course of self-destruction, and day-by-day she lingers in her own filth. But His Bride will be set aside, a glory to be witnessed as she stands out among the rest.

Don’t miss the boat. Step out in faith and follow God with a whole heart. Let Him be the Master that steers you through uncharted waters by the winds of His Holy Spirit of Truth and witness the new dimensions in Him. Just dare to believe!

Bonnie Jones
The Prophetic Ministry of Bob and Bonnie Jones


To contact Bonnie Jones send your inquiry to:
Bob and Bonnie Jones Ministries
White Horses Publishings
P.O. Box 838
Pineville, NC 28134-0838


The Testimony of Jesus Christ, “Do You Want to Walk in the Supernatural?”:Jerame Nelson

Jerame Nelson








Today I would like to talk about some of the more unusual encounters that I have had with God. Having visions, seeing angels, and being transported in the spirit all took off in my life when I came to be around an amazing friend named Bobby Conner.

I met Bobby at a conference way back before I was ever in ministry. When I met him, he walked right up to me after a meeting and asked me if I would like to travel with him to some different places that he was speaking at. I said, “Yes, Sir,” and impartation began immediately.

When I travel with him, he often just tells me stories of his experiences during decades of prophetic ministry. While traveling to Holland with him for a ministry trip, it seemed like he told me about every supernatural encounter with God – every time he has been translated or transported someplace, every time an angel visited him, and even every time the devil had visited him. It was awesome!

Bobby ConnerRight before we got on the plane to head home from that trip, Bobby decided to tell me the reason behind telling all those stories. “Jerame,” he said, “do you want to know what I’ve been doing all week?” (Photo: Bobby Conner)

“What?” I asked.

“I’ve been imparting to you. ‘The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy’” (Revelation 19:10).

Then he continued the lesson. “Hey, Jerame, I want you to understand something. Do you want to walk in the supernatural?

I said, “Yeah.”

“Talk about God,” he said. “In the Book of Colossians, it says if you’ll talk about God, if you’ll keep your mind fixed on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God, then you’ll become heavenly minded (see Colossians 3:1-2). Then gates, doors, and portals of Heaven will open, and you’ll walk though ’em.”

Bobby was handing me the key to soaring in the supernatural, to opening portals of revelation that I could fly right into. And the key is this: Talk about the testimony of Jesus, and you will experience more.

A Challenge For You And Me

I went home with that gift lesson, and the next weekend I flew to New Jersey where I was going to minister with a great friend of mine named Craig. I told Craig about what Bobby shared with me. I said, “Craig, dude, I learned some stuff last week with Bobby. I learned that if we’ll talk about God, and if we’ll be about the things of the Kingdom, heavenly minded, we can step into the doors of the spirit, and we can experience the supernatural.”

Priestly Anointing Key by Lillis BoyerSo, I challenged us to talk only about God-stories; “I challenge you to talk about God the entire way home,” I said to Craig. “Dude, I challenge you, let’s talk about every miracle you’ve ever seen, every visitation; let’s talk about Smith Wigglesworth’s, Todd Bentley’s; let’s talk about anybody that we know who’s walked in it and just see what happens.” We were flying from New Jersey back to Abbotsford, Canada, on the West Coast, so we had plenty of travel time together.

From New Jersey to Toronto, we just started talking about God. Then we switched planes in Toronto and flew to Vancouver – the closest city to Abbotsford. The whole flight, we’re talking God-stories. All of a sudden, right in front of our eyes, we started seeing bright flashes of light. As I began to look at these flashes of light, I realized that Heaven was invading the plane, and these flashes of light were angelic beings sent from God. Then, as we were looking at the angelic beings moving all around the plane, we started noticing gold dust falling on us.

It was awesome. And so we kept talking about the amazing life in the spirit and supernatural encounters with God’s presence and power and Kingdom invading earth.


What God Can Show You Can Change The World

Once we arrived in Vancouver, my brother, Josh, picked us up from the airport. As soon as I got into the car, I said, “Dude, you’re not going to believe it. We just started talking about God, being obedient to what we heard as the word of the Lord to us from Bobby Conner and a challenge to talk only about God stories. And you know what? These angels started manifesting and gold dust started falling in the plane. It was crazy.”

We merge onto the highway in Vancouver while we’re telling my brother about our recent events, and I glance back at Craig in the back seat just in time to hear him let out a yell of surprise.

“What?” I ask.

Welcome to Mississippi!And he says, “Dude, we’re in Mississippi. What’s going on?” (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

So, I look out the car window and much to my shock, I see what he is seeing. We’re no longer in Vancouver. We’re in some other place. Even my brother who is driving realizes that the road is no longer familiar. It appears that we were instantly and briefly transported 2,700 miles off of one highway to another. Craig, still looking out the window, says that he sees this guy mowing the lawn, and recognizes him as a friend that he grew up with in this city. I’m looking around thinking, “Man, this place is weird.”

Then all of a sudden, I look back at Craig, and, boom! we’re back on the highway in Vancouver. After Craig got home, within a few days he called his friend in Mississippi and said, “You were out mowing the lawn just a few days ago, weren’t you?”

And his friend said, “Yes.” Craig was able to describe exactly what his yard looked like.

What Is The Purpose For These Experiences?

What was the purpose for this experience?

I believe that God is raising up a generation who will live “naturally supernatural.” It will be out of a place of intimacy with God and obedience to His voice that they will access the keys to the heavenly realm.

The Manifest Sons of God by Mike De LorenzoHebrews 13:8 says that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever; He never changes. If God would transport men of old in the Bible such as Elijah, Philip, and even Jesus, why would He not do the same today? I believe that God was showing us what He is capable of showing to His friends. I also believe that God is going to begin to open up Heaven and visit His people.

God wants to give you encounters because He wants you to know His heart more and to release His heart to others. God wants to visit you, too. He wants to give you angelic encounters. He wants to give you dreams and visions. If you’ll be intimate and obedient with God, and talk about God, keeping the testimony of what He is doing and has done foremost in your awareness, you’ll have increasing encounters with God.

Jerame Nelson
Living At His Feet Ministries



Pope Francis – Appointed to Join the Hearts of Protestant Faith – Catholic – Those Who Are Spirit-filled:Kim Clement

Kim Clement










Prophesied on April 19, 2014 – From The Den

A Renewal Will Far Surpass the 60s and 70s

As I stand at this cross, there is one that I have chosen who has kneeled at this cross many, many times. I speak of the one who calls himself after St. Francis of Assisi. The Spirit of the Lord spoke for him to come and stand at the head, “But this man is not like any other,” says the Lord. This man has been appointed to join the hearts of Protestant faith – Catholic – those who are Spirit-filled. And I will do something so unique and so different,” says the Lord, “because of his acknowledgement of My power.

There is a renewal that will take place that will far surpass what took place in the 60s and in the 70s. My Spirit will not be confined; neither will it be arrested only for one or two groups of people. My eye is on the globe; My eye is on the earth. My eye,” says the Lord, “is upon planet Earth, to pour out of My Spirit.

“And I have chosen Pope Francis as one of the voices that will speak, and he will command, and they will try and assassinate him three times. They will try within to damage him.” God says, “they will even try to poison him, but his voice will not be stopped,” says the Lord. “I will cause people to run to the cross, people to cling to the cross. Many souls shall come.”

And then, God says, There will be a change in the entire system. I will make a change, for what Martin Luther did 500 years ago, and when he nailed theses to the door and said, ‘This is it – we believe that by faith we are saved, which is a gift of God, saved unto works, not by works.'”

God’s Spirit says, “So it shall be that this man shall pronounce that as well, and there shall be fire that shall ignite in the southern part of America – in the central part of America. There shall be criminals that shall be brought to justice.”

And God says, This man shall change laws and there will be creeds that will come forth and the Catholic people shall rejoice and they shall smile again for I will fill them with light. I will light the candles of My incense in the buildings that were once built for My glory but were taken and used as stone, as a place of refuge, as a place of religion. I will take those same buildings throughout the earth and I will raise them up. (Photo via

“And in Italy, I will do something that is so anointed and strange they shall have two earthquakes and then you will know that God has begun to do His work throughout the earth. This is My word,” says the Lord. “Pray for it shall come to pass,” says the Lord.


Prophesied on April 26, 2014 – From The Den

By 2015 – A Scroll Shall Be Made Known to the Nations

God’s Spirit says, In My hands there is a scroll. There is a scroll that has been kept throughout the ages – a scroll that has keys, truths written in them – mysteries that I’m about to unfold throughout the earth. Hear Me, O princes of the Blood Royal; hear Me, O princesses of the Blood Royal. I have something to open, which will release Israel into a higher state of existence, to release My people into a higher state of existence

“In My hand,” says the Lord, “there is a scroll and I will open the scroll.” And God says, By 2015 this scroll and the truth that is therein shall be made known to the nations. People within Israel shall begin to dance and celebrate shouting ‘Yahweh, Shalom!’ They shall shout, ‘Adonai! ‘They will shout, ‘Shabach, Shabach, praise Him!’ They shall say, ‘Yeshua, Yeshua,’ says the Lord! (Photo via

I had a dream earlier this morning, and actually it was spoken of today, about the demise of Putin – not that I want him dead, because I prophesied over him (over Ukraine and Russia), but I want you to know that there’s a strong spirit of death that is over that region. It’s not just over him, but it’s over the people. So I want you to pray about that.

Kim Clement
Kim Clement Center




The Father’s Wisdom For You: Garris Elkins



Garris and Jan Elkins







At my age and length of service in God’s Kingdom, I am now what some people would call a spiritual father. In most gatherings I am one of the older pastors in the room. As we age, wisdom can increasingly be present and in operation in our lives if we have allowed God access to our hearts along the way in our journey of faith.

A spiritual father should be able to speak words of wisdom, but he should also be able to reveal the heart of God out of which that wisdom was birthed. Understanding God’s heart is what motivates our obedience. Wisdom, without knowing God’s heart, is a limited understanding of wisdom.

For the last month the Lord has been asking me as a spiritual father to join with Him to encourage His Church to believe for something new. He began to give me simple sentences of understanding, and then a few days later He would reveal His heart behind each of those words. This deeper revelation helped me understand His heart that motivated His wisdom.

I invite you to read these words delivered by two fathers – an imperfect earthly, spiritual father and a perfect and loving Heavenly Father. God wants to encourage us to keep believing and trusting that He is good and has good things planned for His children. Understanding this truth is the foundation of true wisdom.

Honor Is the Victory

Jacob honors EsauAs you walk in honor, God desires to turn your enemies into allies. Those who have opposed you will now come to your rescue. Honor is the victory.

“I am about to do a turnaround. This turnaround will surprise you because you would never think your enemies could become your allies. This is a time to give honor to those who have betrayed you. Once the honor is given, the enemy of your soul that has caused this division will lose his ability to control the outcome. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons by the Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld and Providence Lithograph Company)

“This will be like the meeting of My sons, Jacob and Esau, years after a great division took place in their relationship. Jacob humbled himself before his offended brother, bowing down before him in humility, and I did a powerful work of restoration. I have this work of restoration planned for you and those defined as your enemy.”

The Door That Can Only Be Crossed With A Humble Stride

At every point of adversity a door of destiny is opened. The threshold of this door can only be crossed with a humble stride.

“There have been places of adversity in your life – places that you now run from. I am calling you to step with humility into these places of adversity, and I will open a supernatural doorway. This doorway is hidden from prideful eyes. Only the humble will see this doorway and walk across its threshold. Step forward, and I will show you what I am about to do.”

There IS Treasure In the Debris of Your Challenges

After difficult discussions and challenging interaction there has been relational debris left behind. The way forward is found in the debris.

The Power of Passionate Intention by Mark ChironnaThe world collects debris and calls it garbage. I collect debris and transform it into treasure. There have been painful outcomes in some of your relationships. What was left behind has been defined as debris. I am about to change your definitions. (Photo via Flickr by International Labour Organization, license, resized by The Elijah List)

“This is the same kind of debris Peter faced when he failed Me the night of My betrayal. Peter thought his future would be navigated around the constant reminder of his failure. I had another plan.

“If you are looking for the way forward, it will be found in the restoration of those relationships that now look like piles of debris. The restoration you seek will be found by making right your contribution to the failure in those relationships. If you do this, I will show you the treasure I see within the debris.”

First Encounter God

New direction is the result of realignment. Realignment only takes place after an encounter with God. Encounter is the priority, not a new direction.

“Your desire for a new direction has replaced your desire for the sound of My voice. Seeking new direction will not bring you peace. Only My voice brings peace. You are in need of realignment, not to a new purpose or direction, but to Me. Encounter Me as My Church did in Antioch when they waited before Me in worship and prayer. Encounter Me and I will reveal to you a new direction.”

Just Obey

Return to the feasting table of fresh revelationA word from God loses its impact and becomes diluted when we run it through too many relational or corporate filters before we obey.

“Invite people to your obedience. Do not wait for consensus. You have allowed My word to become diluted in your heart. The filter of man’s opinion has strained out the meat of My word from within you. I have prepared a wonderful meal for you. Return to the feasting table of fresh revelation. Put down your fear of failure and your need to have others walk with you in your obedience. I have not left you alone. I am the One who will do what I promised.” (Photo via Flickr by BuzzFarmers, license.)

Your Destiny Waits For You In God’s Presence

For real change to take place there must exist both a willingness to let go of the present and a willingness to embrace the future.

“You are holding on when you should be letting go. I have promised to lead you to a good place – a place of blessing and purpose. Do not fear the future you define as ‘unknown.’ I know this future because I reside there. It is from that place that I am inviting you to come. Your destiny waits for you in My presence. Let go. Come to Me and I will welcome you.”

Wisdom Moves At the Speed of Revelation

Wisdom moves at the speed of revelationWhen God is moving and someone says, “We need to slow down,” this is fear speaking. Wisdom moves at the speed of revelation.

“My wisdom is not limited to the measurements and restrictions of the natural world. When I gave you the word of hope, I gave it knowing it would seem too fast to you. I was after more than the accomplishment of that word. I was after that place of fear in your heart that caused you to pull back and ask for things to slow down. Trust Me. Take hold of My promise and move forward with confidence in My faithfulness to perform what I have promised.” (Photo via Flickr by photologue_np, license, edited and resized by The Elijah List)

God Honors Your Faithful Persistence

If you keep pressing in, you will eventually break through. God honors faithful persistence.

“You will move forward in the direction you have chosen to lean. Lean toward My grace. Press in toward My faithfulness. Tilt your life in the direction of My promise. This is your act of pressing in. Even in your failure, you will fall in the direction you have chosen to lean. This is how breakthrough will take place in your life.

“I have promised to give you the desires of your heart if you will first delight yourself in Me. Your delight in Me is your persistence in the middle of opposition. I will honor your persistence with breakthrough because you have chosen to press into Me.”

Garris Elkins, Senior Leader
Living Waters Church – Medford, Oregon


Garris Elkins‘ ministry, Prophetic Horizons, is a ministry of teaching, writing, and prophecy committed to raising up a prophetic generation to speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris and his wife, Jan, are the Senior Leaders of Living Waters Church in Medford, Oregon, and have two grown children, Anna and David.


God is Raising Up Pioneers – Who Live In the Breaker Anointing: Michael Krysty

Michael Krysty

It’s Breakthrough Time

The Lord has been telling me that there are many forerunners in this hour, yet there are few that carry a breaker anointing. There are followers, then leaders, and then there are pioneers. Lately, God has been speaking to me about a forerunner authority. Some would call it a pioneer, some would say apostolic, yet even others would say a breaker anointing.

Jesus Christ, as the supreme Apostle (“…Jesus, the Apostle and High Priest whom we confess,” Hebrews 3:1), was the One who broke through the temple and made a new and living way for us to follow into the presence of God.

…Since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the Blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us… Hebrews 10:19-20

I believe that is exactly what the pioneer, apostolic, or breaker anointing does. It opens up new and living ways. Roads that were totally unknown and unfamiliar to a community of people are now available, and this community is equipped in strength to travel the new road. I believe it is important to understand that when a forerunner interprets his findings from this new arena, it can generate far reaching effects for the rest of the community – both positive and negative. The anointing of a pioneer is powerful!

Jesus: A new and living wayJesus, our chief Apostle, broke through and opened a new and living way. I believe, in order to truly be effective in the Great Commission, the forerunner must do the same in their efforts to establish the Kingdom of God. I want to say this: You have access to a great breaker anointing within you.

It is Jesus inside of you. I praise God that Jesus opened up a new and living way for us into the Kingdom of God through salvation. Yet now, with Christ in us, we can take His power into the earth and open up new roads of opportunities for His Kingdom to expand on the earth. Right now, in this season, God is opening up the nations, ministry opportunities, and business opportunities for His children, His pioneers! Get ready for new levels…it’s breakthrough time! (Photo via icanthrugod.tumblr)

A Brand New Way

The pioneer is the first to enter into new atmospheres. Because they tread on new roads, the message is not always well received. In Numbers 13, we read about pioneers that are given the responsibility of exploring Canaan. They go and find great assets and potential. Frankly, they are mesmerized by what they discover. They want the land. They come back and give the description to Moses, Aaron, and the rest of the Israelite community. They say, “We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit” (Numbers 13:27).

The testimony of the spiesYet, just as they were giving the awesome testimony of what they saw, what God had promised to them, they then switched into another testimony of impossibilities and danger. The testimony of why it could never work. “But the people who live there are powerful, and the cities are fortified and very large. We even saw descendants of Anak there” (Numbers 13:28). A spirit of fear was released to a whole community of people even though there was visible fruit of what could be accomplished. (Photo via Garden of Praise/by Gospel Services, Inc.)

Yet, in the midst of doubt, one spoke up: Caleb. Caleb believed they could take the land – Caleb did not see through the eyes of a normal person, nor did he have the same spirit as the other forerunners. There was something different about him in comparison to the other pioneers; he saw a super reality. In fact, he was rewarded. The Lord said of him that he had a different spirit and that he followed Him wholeheartedly. With Caleb, Joshua also stood, believing they could take the land.

Caleb and JoshuaIt was a new way for the all of the Israelites, and they could not believe the message of Caleb and Joshua. There were other forerunners with Caleb and Joshua, yet it was only Caleb and Joshua who carried the breaker anointing.

The Lord has been telling me that there are many forerunners in this hour, yet there are few that carry a breaker anointing. There are many people that are walking in a new way and obeying directions to explore this new land, but there are few that see in super reality. In fact, there are many that have had experiences and have seen life from many angles, but when it comes to taking the land and establishing the Kingdom, their actions and words communicate that there is no hope. They release doubt and fear, and operate out of a natural reality.

A true pioneer is one that stands even in the midst of everyone affected by disbelief. For them, there is a brand new way, yet it is a possible one. The authority of a pioneer is many times challenged; but their authority is weighty and can shift societies, cultures, and nations. (Photo via Distant Shores Media/Open Bible Stories)

Also, a true pioneer is one that breaks through not only the blocks to create a new path, but also breaks down the walls that would keep them from dwelling in the destination continually as a culture. Caleb and Joshua were these types of men. They not only opened a new way and went into the promised land, their heart was to establish a living way. God wants to establish not just an experience where we taste fruit and see the great land or experience Heaven on earth as an event or service. He wants us to know it as a continual dwelling place as a culture.

A Living Way

Abundant lifeGod is not interested in merely a good time or an event by itself. In fact, He is not interested in a new way alone. He is interested in abundant life; life that is ongoing. He is interested in a new and living way; a revival torch that will not only spark, but ultimately grow into an ongoing fire. That is the Kingdom. God is interested in a lifestyle of revival and outpouring. (Photo via

If we never take revival out of the service or make it a dwelling place, we become like the pioneers that give a report of the impossibilities. They believed they couldn’t dwell in the fullness of the riches because of the giants. But, there is a voice saying, “We can take the land, we can live in an ongoing outpouring because it is a living way.” It is not just a way that is new and never seen; it is a way that is alive and unending – a living way. The path that Christ torched for us to come into the Kingdom was completely new and could not be opened by any besides Himself. Yet the path is still open today, and it is living – Kingdom living.

The Kingdom of God is 24/7. It is continually in season and out. It must become a dwelling place, a place that is inhabited. If it isn’t, the normal Christian life will be seen as just a series of intermittent events. It will be seen only through an earthly reality when, all the while, we have available for us a super reality…Heaven on earth. God has made available for the Body of Christ open Heavens that will not shut, and we can dwell in these places. A living way is a breathing path that has limitless fruitful encounters.

Heaven openedStephen carried this type of anointing. The Bible describes him as one that was full of faith and the Holy Spirit. He was the first person in the New Testament who was martyred for following the ways of Jesus. As he was being stoned, Stephen was literally brought into an open vision as he saw physically what was happening in the spiritual realm. He shouted out, “Look…I see Heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God” (Acts 7:56). Yet, even though Stephen literally saw this open Heaven over his life, I believe he had it over his life even before then. I believe that Stephen was one that saw in a higher level, a super reality. (Photo via Wallpapers Wide)

Stephen was truly a forerunner. His death caused the Church to grow and spread in a new and living way. We read right after his death in Acts 8:1-4 that when the persecution of the Church broke out, the whole Church scattered. But they were not just scattered; rather, the Church was being relocated and the Kingdom advanced.

Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. Acts 8:4

Those that were scattered spread the fire outside and beyond their normal living quarters. Stephen’s act birthed a community of missionaries! It was as if a boulder had been dropped from one-hundred feet in the air into a lake of lava, causing lava to splash out into many other areas. The breaker anointing – it stays open for others to dwell in and operate out of!

Lions Traveling Unfamiliar Paths

Like lionsCaleb, Joshua, and Stephen were not followers, nor were they just leaders – they were pioneers. Yet these were not pioneers merely out to make a new discovery; they were men dedicated to bringing an entire nation into this discovery with them. They took the initiative and did not wait for others – they were courageous lions. (Photo via DesertUSA)

The remnant of Jacob will be in the midst of many peoples like dew from the Lord, like showers on the grass, which do not wait for man or linger for mankind. The remnant of Jacob will be among the nations, in the midst of many peoples, like a lion among the beasts of the forest… Micah 5:7-8

I believe God is raising up super-breakers or super-pioneers to not only make a new way, but to make it both a new and living way. They are the ones that take initiative and do not wait for others to do it for them. They are young, old, and middle-aged. They are learned, unlearned, and of all classes.

God is taking people in this hour and turning them into a generation who sees through eyes of faith a super reality to destroy the works of darkness. Not only do they want to taste the fruit of the land, they want the whole land! This is the call of the revivalist in this hour, this is the call of the teacher in this hour, this is the call of the entire five-fold ministry in this hour. To pioneer what God is commanding us to move into, and bring entire nations into it to dwell! We must not wait for others; we must not see like others, we must be like lions!

What will you see?God is not just raising up forerunners. God is asking the forerunners: What type of report will you give? What type of reality will you see? What type of kingdom will you release? God is calling the forerunner to carry a breaker anointing and be led on unfamiliar paths to take an entire nation into a living way – birthing a supernatural community! NEW AND LIVING.

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. Isaiah 42:16

Lord, lead Your family into a super reality. Take us into Your breaker anointing. Teach us to decipher the many voices we hear and cancel out every voice that isn’t Yours. May we hear Your whispers and know them from the rest. Release boldness into Your people.

I pray for the eyes of their hearts to be opened, that they may carry Your presence into the world. They are world changers. Thank You, Holy Spirit! Amen.

Michael Krysty
Inhabit Fire Ministries



Michael Krysty is a unique, emerging radical revivalist with an uncompromising message of the supernatural power of Jesus. He is the founder of Inhabit Fire Ministries, and walks in a powerful and accurate realm of the word of knowledge and gifts of healing. He was introduced to the Gospel while in drug rehab and had a dynamic encounter with Jesus Christ, and he has never been the same. Now, Michael and his wife, Amanda, travel the world preaching and demonstrating the message of the raw power and love of the Kingdom of Heaven. They reside just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, and attend MorningStar Church when home.