Accelerated Growth, Advancement, and Release! :Doug Addison






Some very interesting things are happening this year from a spiritual and prophetic standpoint. This is a time in which we are beginning to receive the benefits of positive actions we have chosen previously. Expect to see rapid changes in all areas of life.

Prophetic forecast for April to June

Over the next three months we are moving into a time of massive changes. God is on the move—expect movement!!

April: accelerated growth and advancement

Lost dreams and forgotten prophetic words from God are now being released to you in a greater measure. Make an effort to dig up those prophetic words and promises that you put on the shelf. It’s time to complete things that have been hanging because there is a burst of activity coming that you will want to be ready for. Even small steps in the right direction will make big progress over time.

May: a fresh new release of creativity

This will be a time to start new things or pull out those creative projects or activities that you started previously but were not able to finish.

June: a new day

Healing of relationships and clarity is coming regarding things that God has spoken to you that have not fully come to pass yet. There is a lot of movement that will happen: think realignment, relocation and readjustment.

One of my Daily Prophetic Words last month was, “Something of epic proportions is going to happen in a good way. There is a good ending to the story.” Watch over the next few months for things of epic proportion. God is doing things right now to save lives, do sudden shifts, surprise us and create sudden advancements.

Door behind the door

I have been hearing the phrase “door behind the door” for over a month now. There is a greater opportunity that is going to take place once you go through the first door. The first steps may not look all that big or exciting.

But there are connections you need that will come about by taking those first new steps. You need to go through the first door, and then you will see the next door behind it. This will line you up with the greater things coming later in this year.

April 22 is significant

While my plane was landing in Redding, California on February 12, 2013, God spoke to me that April 22 would be a significant date. To confirm this there would be a sign in the Heavens on Saturday, February 16. Sure enough, a meteorite appeared over northern California on February 16. So watch on April 22 for something significant to occur.

100 year-old East Coast healing anointing dream

On April 2, I had a prophetic dream about a healing anointing from the late 1800s to early 1900s that occurred at East Coast Ivy League colleges. In the dream an angel showed me an intricate plan from Heaven that would update this wave of healing and release it to people who are willing to go after it. “Old money” is also being released for Kingdom purposes.

Move of God in Alabama

I had a dream over ten years ago about a flood on the Cahaba River (Cahaba means ‘waters from on high’). God spoke to me that there will be a new release of His power as racial healing continues in the South.

Prophetic word for the Catholic Church

Watch for a movement in the Catholic Church. “Pope Francis” is bringing a new level of outreach, love for the poor and humility. It was evident as he walked freely among the people, kissing and blessing the sick and lame. He even washed the feet of juvenile inmates which was a sign of new humility. Francis means: “free, victorious.The Catholic church has gone through a time of purging and change. You will emerge victorious.

Lost laptop dream

I had a dream last night (April 3) that I was trying to find someone that had lost their laptop—I knew that this is for people who need to write a book. This is a time to write books, blogs, short stories, plays, and music.

Jeremiah 33:3

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

Things you don’t know now, you will understand soon. A lot of revelation is flowing right now!  Watch for revelation through dreams, prophetic words, messages in art and movies as God is speaking outside the box.

New songs from Heaven

Psalm 33:3 ‘Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.’

There are new sounds and songs flowing from Heaven now. Be sure to capture your creative ideas.

Overall, be very expectant and watch for new energy to come. Discouragement will be replaced by new hope!

During this release of creativity, notice little and big things that you are doing differently. Ask God to open your eyes to see where Heaven is helping you by giving you insight and revelation. With so much change, I am praying it will be easy to move with God’s timing.

I’m excited to see new changes! Aren’t you?


Doug Addison


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