Get Ready For Miraculous Promotion: Barbie Breathitt


                                              Get Ready For Miraculous Promotion




“Rejoice in a new era of opportunity and change where things will never be the same. Learn to redeem the mistakes of the past; change the things that brought failure or sorrow. Celebrate the knowledge you gleaned and walk in the light of My Spirit in every circumstance. You are a light in darkness, so let My glory rise upon you in the realm of the Spirit. Live in My presence” (Matthew 5:14-16).

God’s glorious Kingdom truth of peace, righteousness and justice have been established in your life (Matthew 6:33).

Great wisdom and grace has positioned you to move forward in a season of increased prosperity and promotion (James 1:5). God was proud of Job; He was not mad or punishing him. After Job’s season of severe testing, God came with double recovery, restoration, and recompense for all that Job had suffered and lost (Job 42:10).

Get Ready For Miraculous Promotion – the Camels Are Coming!

Influential people will enter your life. You will experience abundance where there has been lack. God has released wisdom for an entrepreneurial anointing in the areas of ideas, concepts, insights and breakthrough, to bring forth a financial harvest. Just like Solomon, your life will suddenly change overnight with one, God-inspired visitation. God has poured out of His Spirit on all flesh, releasing dreams and visions that contain strategies for wealth and abundance.

Isaiah 45:3 “I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places, so that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.”

The Lord will lead you to riches in secret places where new opportunities exist. Learn to listen in a new way and respond with a greater measure of faith. The Holy Spirit’s revelation will show you what to do, the higher roads to take, and the double doors to walk through. Do not wait for opportunity to knock at your door; create it. Your now and future prosperity depends upon your ability to imagine yourself rising above obstacles and accomplishing your purposed destiny.

The dreams you hold within your heart are revealed through the words you express in prayer. Words are more powerful than most people realize. The dreams you dream, the thoughts you think, and the words you express form your world. Everyone has access to creativity. What kind of world will your imagination create for you? Get ready, for promotion is knocking on your door. Others may miss opportunities, but you will have greater opportunities.

Stretch, Strengthen and Lengthen

God is not moved by your needs but by your faith. Act in great faith; give to move the hand of God. Pray the prayer of Jabez. Make preparations for personal growth, expansion and territorial enlargement – stretch, strengthen and lengthen. Receive God’s wisdom, knowledge and information, then act on it to see great multiplication in your life! God is our unlimited source for everything in life, so refocus your faith and trust, and believe God for increase. Your measure of faith will be the measure of your increase, so take the limits off of God. Let God’s hand rest upon you. His angels surround you to promote blessings and protection.

This is a time of turn-a-rounds in relationships, finances, joblessness and illness. Come full circle and begin anew. God is fighting for you. God will silence and scatter your enemies. You will be vindicated from all that has been said and done against you. God has a plan and strategy for your success. He will renew broken relationships. God is breathing on the dormant seeds. The seeds you sowed in the past years are coming to a multiplied harvest. The new seeds you plant in this season will spring up quickly and remain strong and healthy.

Barbie L. Breathitt
Breath of the Spirit Ministries


Barbie Breathitt is the author of Dream Encounters, Seeing Your Destiny from God’s Perspective and is an ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher of the supernatural manifestations of God. Barbie’s dynamic teaching skills, intelligence, and quick wit keep her a favorite with audiences everywhere. Barbie has become a recognized leader in dream interpretation, traveling to more than forty nations. Her prophetic gifting and deep spiritual insight have helped thousands of people understand the supernatural ways God speaks to us today.



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