Here Come the Hopeful Kings and Queens Bringing the Celebration of God!: Bob Hartley


Bob Hartley

In my last word (posted on the Elijah List), I shared about an encounter with Jesus regarding the “Hope Glory Train” that would stop different places across the earth through 2013, and the hopeful kings and queens that were being sent out into the seven mountains of society. I shared how the Lord was sending out His “Hope Glory Train” to stop in geographic regions and I saw that these regions had the following characteristics:

• The soil and hearts of the people have been prepared for hope.

• The people are moving into the Zechariah 10 reality of turning from sheep to warhorses.

• The veil is thin between Heaven and earth and the darkness is not magnified. The people have stepped through the veil to see the power of our great God and what the Father is doing.

• The Hope Reformation is coming forth, where a change in the nature of Christianity brings forth an understanding of the God of Hope that does not negate the challenges but reaches for the greatness of our good God.

The Current State of the Hopeful Kings and Queens Behind the Wooden Doors

This visitation continued as I was walking through the streets in Redding, California, at 2:00 AM early one morning. It was pitch black outside. Out of the darkness, I heard the Lord repeating to me over and over, “It is time for the return of the hopeful kings and queens!” At first, I saw these kings and queens locked behind wooden doors surrounded by this darkness. I saw that this darkness was also increasing across geographic regions, even in the midst of the Church, as in Isaiah 60:

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the LORD will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.” Isaiah 60:1-3

I saw that the darkness was increasing even within kings and queens in the Church and the seven mountains of society. I saw that this darkness was being magnified around them and in their thinking. I saw that dark artists who were influenced by man and earthly, dark thinking were having sway in the Church and Christianity. As a result, no miracles could be done and His presence was not believed in. I saw that this was like past times, like the days of the “Enlightenment.” A time when people believed in God, but did not have hope that God was greater than the challenges of the day or that He desired to be involved in daily life.

I saw that many of these kings and queens had disqualified themselves and negated the hopeful presence of God in their lives. They had become so focused on their weakness, their sin, their past or what they were not, that they could not advance through the radiant door of their destiny! The Lord showed Bob Jones how some of these kings and queens had been in this darkness even before they were born. They were trapped in self-loathing and self-hatred of both their destiny and lineage, and were not even aware that the roots of this dark thinking had been planted in their DNA generations before. They had been saturated with a mindset that they were less than enough to face the challenges of the day. They could only be made aware of the darkness that had been cloaking them if they walked through the doors into their destiny in the seven mountains or arenas of society. They would then see the hope of their radiant callings in God.

The Lord then showed me how they would get through these doors of their divine destiny, and who He was sending to help.

Who Would Help the Kings Come Out of the Darkness and Into the Hope of Their Callings?

I saw that these hopeful kings and queens could only come through the wooden doors, representing the hope of their callings, through love, hope and appreciation. The Lord explained to me, “These kings must have people who believe in them and who will anoint them to come forth into their full destiny and calling.”

In this vision, I saw that these kings and queens needed to understand the Song of Solomon 1:5 reality – that though they were dark they were lovely to God. These hopeful kings and queens needed to see their lovely calling and great destiny in Him. Then the Lord showed me how they would get there. They needed to receive and perceive love, hope and appreciation from others and from God to get through the door of their destiny and the hope of their calling, not through old discipleship methodologies but through new prophetic training in how to build the Kingdom. They would need appreciation and nurture for their hearts to move forward in the seven mountains.

I was shown several groups who were to help bring forth these hopeful kings and queens through love, hope and appreciation. All were anointers and had wisdom and understanding, and they saw it was worth it to go after these kings and queens who had been trapped in dark thinking.

The Hopeful Cupbearers Who Will Bring Forth these Kings and Queens

The first group I saw that would anoint these kings and queens were the “hopeful cupbearers.” Behind closed doors, these hopeful cupbearers would give these kings and queens love, hope and appreciation, as well as redemption for past mistakes. These hopeful cupbearers would come alongside these kings and queens and speak the dream of who they are to be. They would be the Proverbs 17:17 ones: “A friend (who) loves at all times, and a brother… born for adversity.” And the Philemon 1:7 ones: “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.”

I saw that these hopeful cupbearers would magnify the good in these kings and queens and would not focus on their weakness. This love, hope and appreciation would fuel the anointing of these kings and queens, and I saw great redemption happening behind the closed, wooden doors. I was shown that it would take persistence and consistency in the message to bring forth these hopeful kings and queens. I saw the Hosea 11:4 reality come forth through these hopeful cupbearers, “I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love; I lifted the yoke from their neck and bent down to feed them.” These hopeful cupbearers would need to show love again and again to break the power of lineages of despair and hopelessness.

I also saw that these hopeful cupbearers were like Abraham, who could give these kings and queens a picture of a better future. Like Jeremiah 32, they could see that though the land is challenged now and about to go into captivity, it will be redeemed in the future. As these hopeful cupbearers fed these kings and queens the right messages with the right posture, these kings and queens immediately went from sheep to warhorses and began to advance through the doors of their divine destiny.

The Hopeful Abigails Who Will Bring Forth these Kings and Queens

Then I was shown another group that would “anoint” these hopeful kings and queens through love, hope and appreciation. The Lord was calling forth hopeful “Abigails” who would show these kings and queens the stage play of their lives. They would give them a picture of the wonderful story or song that the Lord had written over them, and these kings and queens would be encouraged to enter into their chapter of divine destiny.

In the visitation, I saw in the Scriptures how Abigail had given David perspective in 1 Samuel 25. She gave him a heavenly perspective that he was called to be king, not to die on the petty mountain of disagreement. I saw how these hopeful Abigails would not allow the kings and queens to treat themselves the wrong way. I once had had a dream where Abigail came and said, “The Lord is looking at Bob Hartley and He doesn’t like the way you treat Bob Hartley. You don’t own Bob Hartley, God does. You have written a different script about Bob Hartley, and it is not the truth of God’s script for your life.” Hopeful Abigails would bring these kings and queens divine perspective of who they were called to be, and how the Lord sees them.

The Hopeful Kings Who Will Bring Forth Other Kings and Queens

In addition to the Hopeful Cupbearers and Abigails who would call forth and anoint these hopeful kings and queens behind closed doors, I was shown another group that would have the greatest impact on these kings and queens. I saw other kings anointing one another through love, hope and appreciation. I saw that many of these hopeful kings and queens were doing the works of the Kingdom, but others were criticizing them because they didn’t have the eyes of Jesus.

In the encounter, Jesus said, “Leave them alone and let them do it, they are building My Kingdom,” like He did in Mark 9:38-40, when His disciples said, “Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name, and we tried to prevent him because he was not following us.” When these kings and queens began to show love, hope and appreciation for one another, rather than criticism, the promise of Ephesians 4:13 became reality and I watched them all merge into one man: “Until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

The Return of the Kings and Queens Through the Radiant Door of Their Calling

In this visitation, I watched as these hopeful kings and queens began to receive and perceive love, hope and appreciation from these different groups, and suddenly the darkness broke and a radiant sunrise came forth. Everything became orange all around them and the Lord told me that orange represented “hope” being released from Heaven. I watched as hundreds of hopeful kings and queens across the earth walked through the wooden doors of their destinies into the seven mountains, and they entered into the radiant and rich invitation from the Lord to be like the two spies versus the ten in Numbers 14. They took their promised land! They became like the Acts 2 community.

Then I was shown that these hopeful kings and queens were the answer to this rising darkness in Isaiah 60:1-3. I watched as these hopeful kings and queens began to arise and shine, for the glory of the Lord was rising upon them; and as a result, nations came to their light and kings to the brightness of their rising. I saw the Matthew 12:21 reality happen, where in Jesus the nations put their hope. Where there had been a wrong view of God, nations saw the true nature of the God of all hope through these hopeful kings and queens.

Miracles of His person and presence became common as when Jesus walked the earth, as in Acts 10:38, “…God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and…He went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with Him.”

Hopeful Kings and Queens Being Released into Geographical Portals

Next, I watched as geographical portals were opened up in 2010-2013 to these hopeful kings and queens on the “Hope Glory Train.” These places were ready for the visit of God. These hopeful kings and queens were called to bring forth “Cities and Nations of Celebration” in the seven mountains, and they had the wisdom and hope to rebuild cities, and to teach others to love the Lord with excellence. I saw that they would unearth treasures and promises for geographic regions that have been buried for years, as in Jeremiah 32 and 33. These hopeful kings and queens would hope in the “greater than” plans of God, even when the promises seemed to be buried in lands that had been taken captive by the enemy.

The Next Steps for these Hopeful Kings and Queens

These hopeful kings and queens are to bring advanced tools to these geographic regions, to not only minister the Kingdom of God, but to build the Kingdom of God. They are to bring forth the reality that we are moving from “every man a minister,” and “every man a missionary,” to every man a multi-colored coat. They will come forth with decrees and advanced Patriarchal and Matriarchal wisdom to build. The Lord is updating the vision, values, vehicles, building process, and marvelous comrades of these hopeful kings and queens, and it is going to be a time of exponential learning. The hearts of these kings and queens need to be filled with hope because there will be correction and direction that comes in love from the heart of our God.

Action Steps for You:

• To become the king or queen you are called to be.
• To help other kings and queens come forth.
• To walk into the decrees that issue from the heart of the Lord.
• To then begin to decree these for the kings and queens in your life, those that need to come forth from behind the wooden doors of despair and doubt into their radiant calling in Him.

Bob Hartley
Deeper Waters Ministry


About Bob Hartley: Bob Hartley is the founder of Hartley Institute/Deeper Waters Ministry in Kansas City, Missouri, inspired through a dream the Lord gave to Bob more than a decade ago, where the Lord spoke that the “The Youth of this nation are diving into ‘shallow waters’ of the knowledge of God, and it is killing them!” Bob’s heart is to take this generation deep into the knowledge of God through hopeful, heartfelt prayer and intimacy with the Lord, and opening up their ability to hear from His heart and partner with the God of All of Life in every arena and season of the soul.

Bob served as a pastor at Metro Christian Fellowship with Mike Bickle before entering the marketplace in 1983, with a vision to see the marketplace redeemed and cities established that value and love the person of Jesus. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Hartley Group, a “Hope Center” for the marketplace, consisting of Hartley’s Executive Cleaning, Swift Chemicals & Supply, Prize Properties and H&H Management in Kansas City, Missouri. Bob is a frequent speaker to youth, churches, businesses and national leaders throughout America and the world. His quest has been to bring the Kingdom of God into every arena of life and give spiritual tools and equipping to those seeking to know and love God in the midst of their everyday lives. Currently, Bob resides in Kansas City with his wife and four children.



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