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A Time of Completion – From Now Through September

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My mom was a wonderful woman who loved God, prayed, and studied the Bible a lot. Although her life was tragically cut short from brain cancer in 1999, she still is one of my biggest intercessors today in Heaven. I inherited my evangelistic calling from her and the Bible she used for prayer and study daily.

This year I have had some interesting supernatural encounters with my mom’s Bible. The Holy Spirit will speak to me a verse, and as I look it up in her Bible, I get amazing prophetic insight. I often find her handwritten notes that seem to be placed there just for me. I am sure that she had no idea that the small things she wrote over fifteen years ago would outlive her and help to encourage millions of people.

Fifteen Weeks of Completion

On June 12, 2012, I looked at my mom’s Bible sitting next to me and I heard God’s Spirit say, “Haggai” – a prophetic book where God asks His people to rebuild the Temple. The prophetic insight is that there are things that God is calling us to do over the next year that will bring an amazing amount of blessing and purpose into our lives, but first we need to complete things that have been left undone.

In the margin of my mom’s Bible in Haggai, she wrote “15 week period.” Knowing this was a prophetic word, I checked the calendar – and fifteen weeks from June 12 is Tuesday, September 25, which, interestingly, falls on the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. This celebration is also known as the Day of Atonement, where God examines our lives for possible promotion and spiritual advancement. Though we are no longer under the Jewish law and holidays, God is still on the Jewish calendar, and many celebrations continue to have prophetic meaning.

Over the next fifteen weeks, from June 12 to September 25, we have a strategic window of opportunity to finish things that have been hanging around undone or that God has been calling us to do. This is time to work hard toward completing things and tying up loose ends, as God is releasing new assignments this September. It is time to find anything that God had asked us to do and get it done! It is an exciting time of accomplishment toward your destiny!

In my own life, I have a few major things yet to accomplish. One is to finish and release my book, Understand Your Dreams Now, which is planned to be out in late September. A good thing to do in response to this word is to take a look for things that are unfinished, even if it’s as simple or mundane as cleaning out the garage, signing up for school, or updating your resume.

Dramatic Turnaround: Building God’s Destiny In You

We have been in a season where we have worked hard but received very little in return.

You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it. Haggai 1:6 NIV

This will all begin to dramatically shift as we move toward rebuilding God’s greater destiny in our lives. God will be releasing greater destiny and purpose starting in October of 2012. It will prepare us to have a greater Kingdom impact into 2013.

Don’t Believe Unemployment Reports

God is releasing something new in the spiritual realm in June. We will see the start of new jobs, connections, and unexpected promotions. Be prepared to move in this area if it is your need. The enemy has been using unemployment to hold people down, not just financially, but to keep you isolated and discouraged. Watch this break off as you take steps and get prepared. Watch also for lateral job changes that will lead to future promotions.

Time To Get In Time With God

I released a prophetic word last month on the Wind of Change that hit us on May 15th and has been moving since. The spiritual atmosphere is changing as God is blowing away the debris in our lives. This is not a word of judgment, but instead there is a lot of grace from God in this new movement that is happening right now. The changes that are happening right now are designed to get us on course and in time with God’s plans and intentions for us.

June 20th

June is a time that we will need to work hard to break through old mindsets and ungodly thinking. God is removing all limits. The major limitation we face is our own thinking. Watch on June 20th, a window of opportunity is going to open that will allow us to see more clearly. By July, we will begin to understand and gain insight into God’s new plans that are being established in us.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Don’t be discouraged. It is time to contend and fight for the things that God has promised us!

I’m praying that as you read this God would speak to you about your old assignment and that you would receive grace to complete it so that you will be ready to receive a new, exciting Kingdom assignment for the next step in your destiny. It is great to see it unfold!


Doug Addison
InLight Connection


Doug Addison is a prominent international conference speaker, author, and has been a featured guest on television and radio for a number of years. His events are fun and high-energy as he uses media and stand-up comedy as a means of communicating deep insights. He is an experienced prophetic dream interpreter and a professional stand-up comedian.



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