A Season for “New” Prophetic Declaration: Ching Co

Intro from John L. Moore:

Ching Co is one of my favorite people and I feel like I’ve known her for years, though we’ve never met in person. Her words are rare and need to be savored. She puts an enormous amount of trust in me and that’s very humbling.

I have made one change in this word. Ching originally titled it: “A Season for Prophetic Declaration” and I believe that title is appropriate for many. But in my spirit, I sense there are those who are in a similar place but their action may be different, so I retitled the word so not to put expectation on anyone. It is not that prophetic declaration is not needed, but we might need to rethink what prophetic declaration is. Prophetic declaration in this season might be as simple for some of us as sitting down, drawing a line in the sand around ourselves and saying, “Lord, all I desire for an inheritance is Your presence within this circumscribed mark.” Hence, I have simply added the word “New” to Ching’s title. And I must say, if Ching had not shared the prophetic word of the Lord below, I would have been just as thrilled and blessed with her transparency and humility in this word.

God bless you, Ching Co.

John L. Moore
Email: lazytl@johnlmoore.com


These past weeks, I felt the Lord leading me to do certain things like sorting through my old records, files and to do housecleaning (throwing out things that are no longer useful to me). This gave me time to work and talk with the Lord. In the process, I found myself sharing to Him about my struggles.

I felt that I have not done enough for Him. As I go over the years past, I noticed that many times I felt the Lord leading me to do something which I obeyed wholeheartedly, then along the way events overtook me and I had to let go of those projects and let go of the vision.

These experiences make me feel like I have been a failure. The enemy of our soul has been quick to pick up the momentum to continually use these memories to torment us about our shortcomings. Many times I felt that I have missed my calling, failed the Lord, and am a total failure. I was in this state of mind when the Lord interrupted me with that “small still voice” to give me His message. Furthermore, it was impressed to me that this message is not for me alone. Many of God’s warriors are standing in the same place where I am now. So my prayer is that as I share this message with the Body of Christ, that you please allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart as well.

First, God brought to my mind the prophet Jeremiah, and how in the midst of the calamity that is about to befall Jerusalem, God asked the prophet to buy a field which, if taken on face value, was a very foolish act. These were Jeremiah’s words to Baruch and the other witnesses

Jeremiah 32:13-15 In their presence, I gave Baruch these instructions: “Take these documents, both the sealed and unsealed copies of the deeds of purchase, and put them in a clay jar so they will last a long time. For this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘Houses, fields and vineyards will again be bought in this land.'”

Jeremiah 32:43-44 Once more fields will be bought in this land which you say, “It is a desolate waste, without men or animals, for it has been handed over to the Babylonians. Fields will be bought for silver, and deeds will be signed, sealed and witnessed…because I will restore their fortunes,” declares the Lord.

Then, the Lord reminded me of the story of Hosea who married an adulterous wife and took her back, even when she left Hosea for another man (Hosea 1, 3). As I was pondering what these stories have to do with my own situation, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking these words below to me. As always, please test them and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your hearts.

“When You Obey Me, Great Things are Taking Place in the Heavenlies”

“My Beloved, you know that I do not see as a man does, nor do I act as a human does. Even the smallest thing that you do for Me has great significance in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, listen and I will explain to you the spiritual significance of your life.

“You, beloved, are called ‘children and saints of the Most High God.’ Your very life is an intercession for God’s Kingdom to be established on earth. Every word that you speak, every action that you take, must not be judged nor measured by their outward appearance because all these have greater spiritual value.

“Look at Jeremiah and Hosea; when they followed My command, their actions were prophetic declarations of what is in My heart. They were symbolic of things that are happening and of things to come.

“The same is true with you today. Many times I will call you to do things which appear foolish, unreasonable, and insignificant in the eyes of men. But when you obey Me, great things are taking place in the heavenlies. Nations are being marked, families are being saved, spiritual barriers are being broken, and My Kingdom is being push forward.

“Every action that you make has meaning. When I asked you to do physical housecleaning, and as you began to throw away things that are not needed, so I Am also doing housecleaning in the hearts and minds of men and even in the midst of nations. Begin to listen intently and you will hear and see the Holy Spirit showing you people, nations, and visions of the significance of these actions.

“At times, scenes from war movies will be brought to your mind, you will see soldiers marking boundaries, breaking enemy barriers, and claiming lands for their leader. As you have seen them in your spirit, and as you act them out and declare them, so the same is already happening in the heavenlies. These pictures represent angels carrying out your orders as you declare them prophetically.

“As you do your regular exercise and walk around, you will hear the Holy Spirit guiding you of how to claim nations for Me. Every step that you take represents something spiritual. As you do any acts lead by the Holy Spirit, listen to Him and ask Him for the spiritual meaning and significance for these, and as you do speak them forth.

“Just know My precious ones that nothing you do is insignificant. Do not worry about the end result of what you are lead to do. Just do what I told you to do. And one day, when we are together, you will understand the importance of your obedience to Me.

“This day, I pour down a new anointing upon you all. Go, declare, and take My Kingdom back for Me from the clutches of the enemy. Remember:

“I am God.
“I am in control.
“I love you dearly.”

This is the message of the Lord for His children this season. Amen and amen, Lord.

Ching Co
Cebu City, Philippines

Email: Chingten_co@yahoo.com

Ching Co currently resides in the Philippines, in Cebu City. Ching is an accountant by profession and her husband Harry is a businessman. They have four children and attend Word of the World Christian Fellowship.

Via: elijahlist.com


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