Caleb Klinge:
Lightning, Fireballs and Revival – The Hour is Coming and Now Is






“Now, Now, Now!” That’s what the Lord has been emphasizing to us over the past two weeks. The events of the last 12-15 days have left me convinced that there is a fresh move of God coming to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We have been caught up in such a swirl of supernatural activity, a whirlwind of the Holy Spirit.

Obviously this is not limited to any one church, but I’m writing from the perspective of what God has been doing in our house, New Life Christian Center in Novato, CA, as well as some of our sister churches in the city and region.

From April 13-15, we hosted our second annual Awakening conference. Wesley and Stacey Campbell, Sean and Kate Feucht, and Henry and Grace Falany joined us for these three days of meetings. The conference was very powerful, and there was a strong sense that something was moving and shifting in the atmosphere. In our last planned session of the conference on Sunday evening (4/15), the building momentum reached a tipping point.

A Holy Roar: Towards the end of the worship flow, there was a shout of praise and triumph that erupted among everyone in the room that lasted for 4 ½ minutes. It was so loud that it was almost deafening. It was otherworldly, as if other (angelic) voices joined the voices in the room. An atmosphere of breakthrough filled the room, and a Gift of Faith was downloaded to everyone in the room. That evening Wesley taught, and there was a powerful release of the Spirit of prophecy. Many were activated in the prophetic for the first time during a group ministry time.

Angelic Activity

In the Sunday morning meeting that day (4/15), Stacey shared about longing for the Lord and shared an email from a young adult in their church in Kelowna, BC Canada. The email said that on Monday (4/9) the Angel of Longing had visited a prayer meeting in their church, and had come with an assignment to release hunger and longing for the Lord in the hearts of God’s people, preparing them for what God was about to do in their upcoming Eyes and Wings conference. The angel also said that three more angels would be coming after him.

On the same Monday (4/9) a couple connected with Henry and Grace Falany were visited by an angel named Breakthrough in New York. They are well known pastors/prophets Patrick and Susan O’Marra who pastor Charles Finney’s old church in Rochester!

The angel told the O’Marras that “The winds of change were now blowing in America and that it starts in California.” As this couple (The O’Marras) knew this visitation was for CA and was related to an assignment that God had for Henry Falany as he ministers across the state, they immediately called Henry (and spent an hour prophesying over him just prior to the Awakening conference. They believed it was an East Coast – West Coast issue, like the 100 year prophecy of Seymour & Parham). The O’Marras shared that the Lord had revealed that wherever Henry released this word of breakthrough and declared, “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE”, angels of breakthrough would be released on those present to cause breakthrough as they step out in faith.

Henry immediately got up after this holy roar in worship (mentioned above) and released this word, announcing, “MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” A few minutes later we realized that these two different angelic visitations had occurred on the same day, on two opposite sides of North America. This combined message of longing and breakthrough were being imparted to our church at the same time.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was so strong in the Sunday evening meeting (4/15) that we decided to continue meetings. Except for taking one-day off for rest on 4/21, we have been meeting every night.

Three Angels Blowing Three Trumpets

At the end of the Sunday night meeting (4/15), and after we announced that we’d be continuing, a man named David Ascencio shared a vision with me that he had during the worship flow that night. He saw three angels in front of the platform at our church, vertically pointing three trumpets and blowing them through a golden opening into the heavens. As they blew the trumpets, God responded by sending down balls of fire. Here’s the account in David’s own words:

“They were actually blowing our prayers and worship up to the Lord with their trumpets and the Lord was responding back to us with the balls of fire, answering our prayer requests at the time. While we were singing ‘Let it Rain’ I was receiving a very strong impression of the Lord saying: ‘I declare this place a place of healing where broken hearts will be healed, broken relationships will be healed, broken families restored, and all kinds of sickness will be healed. That is why I call this a place of healing, where people will come in ill and they will walk out healed.'”

In most if not all of the meetings there have been open visions of angelic activity. It appears that this increase is directly related to a fresh move that God is bringing into the Bay Area and the state.

Lightning Strikes (4/12)

After being in eight days of meetings, experiencing a powerful new move of the Holy Spirit in our own church and city, we became aware of something that happened in San Francisco and the Bay Area on Thursday April 12, the day before our meetings began. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that there were a record number of lightning strikes in the SF Bay Area – 750 to be exact (to read the article click here).

These lightning strikes touched down all over the SF Bay Area. Significantly, two of these lightning strikes hit the North and South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge at the same time. The same thing occurred at the Bay Bridge. (Photo courtesy: The San Francisco Chronicle)

The symbol of the Golden State is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is the Western Gate into the US. We had an image of the Golden Gate Bridge on the graphic of our Awakening conference for this reason. In praying into this, I believe the lightning storm is a picture of something that God is releasing and is spiritually significant for several reasons:

• Both the North and South towers of the bridge were struck simultaneously. The Azusa street outpouring (1906-1911) was a move that primarily occurred in Southern CA, and then spread across the globe. However, this next move of the Spirit is coming to the North and South parts of the state simultaneously.

• There is an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. It is both coming and has already begun. Breakthrough is here and it’s going to increase.

• As we learned from Henry Falany, California has always had a gift to export what happens here. This is seen in entertainment, technology, and produce. It’s also true of the Gospel. God isn’t through with this state. He has begun to pour out His Spirit again. The revival that Jesus is fanning into flame here isn’t just for CA; it’s for the nation and it’s for the world.

Fire Ball Across the Sky (4/22)

Last Sunday morning, another phenomenon was seen across Nevada and CA (to read the article click here). KTVU reported: “Experts say the flaming meteor was probably about the size of a minivan when it entered the Earth’s atmosphere with a loud boom about 8 a.m. Sunday. It was seen from Sacramento, CA, to Las Vegas and parts of northern Nevada.” It exploded somewhere above the state and only small fragments reached the Sierra foothills of Northern California. (Photo courtesy: NASA)

Because of the vision of God sending “balls of fire” seen on Sunday one week earlier, this event has gripped my spirit in a way that it normally would not. Three angels were seen trumpeting the prayers of God’s people through an open Heaven, and God responded by sending fireballs to the earth. One week later, a literal fireball was seen blazing through the sky across the state of CA. You can’t make this stuff up. For me, there is an undeniable connection between this spiritual and natural event.

Two or Three Witness

It’s a Biblical principle that in the mouths of two or three witnesses, every word is established. These two events – the 750 lightning strikes and the ball of fire (meteor) are confirming the word of breakthrough – that God is speaking over our state, cities, churches and families. Both of these signs were events that took place from the heavens toward the earth, and they happened within 10 days of each other.

A Fresh Outpouring In Our House

During these 10 days (and now beyond), our church in Novato, CA (25 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge) has been experiencing incredible renewal. Several churches that are partnered with us have been experiencing the same thing!

In this move of God a deep hunger for more of Jesus has been awakened in many – students, children, and adults of all ages. There are so many testimonies of healing, salvation, the filling of the Holy Spirit, profound joy, visions, prophecy, God moving on children, and a renewed passion to reach the lost.

A Few More Testimonies

• On Wednesday (4/18) many received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit – most of them Middle School and High School students. It happened suddenly.

• Numerous salvation testimonies – many are from people leaving the Awakening meetings and taking the love of Jesus to their friends and family!

• Miracles of healing – a woman that has been bedfast, battling several diseases came and received prayer. The Lord touched her powerfully and she forgot her cane when she left because she didn’t need it.

• A strong outbreak of joy. On Friday 4/20 one High School student tweeted after the meeting, “Still a little out of it, but whoa. Last night was different on a whole other level. A 4/20 day spent well. Ha ha ha, YES!”

• A number of different individuals, younger and older and in-between, have seen angels in almost every meeting beginning with Sunday night (4/15).

• Children and students are having visions and prophesying.

• There is a baptism of love overflowing into homes and families. People of all ages are testifying about a new love for their siblings, parents and children. The love of Jesus is overflowing everywhere! His love is creating an environment of repentance, forgiveness and holiness.

I don’t know about you, but I hear the sound of the abundance of rain, and I can see a cloud the size of a man’s hand. Breakthrough is here – now, now, now – move, move, move!

Caleb Klinge
New Life Christian Center


Caleb Klinge is the lead pastor at New Life Christian Center in Novato, California, together with his wife Rachel. Located in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate in the San Francisco Bay Area, they are passionate for an invasion of God’s Presence and Kingdom that brings regional transformation. His ministry is used by the Lord to release faith, encouragement, and breakthrough. Caleb and Rachel have been married for 15 years, and have two children, Benjamin and Phebe.



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