New Waves of Power From on High: Eileen Fisher

New Waves of Power From on High

Eileen Fisher




“Always Remember the Anchor

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on March 13, 2012 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

“In My Word, I have said, ‘I will order the steps of the righteous.’ Now I am releasing orders into your spirit. I am canceling man’s orders and I am releasing My orders. In My orders there will be power, there will be truth, there will be provision, and there will be purpose. In My orders there will be a plan that I will set before you. You will hear Me when I say, ‘Wait.’ As you are waiting, it will not be a time of waste nor is it a time of want, but it is a time of tarrying in My presence. As you do, understand this: It is crucial that My presence tarries over you. Where you go then My presence will be upon you.

“I am calling a people to be in the now, the now of My Word, the now of My obedience, the now of My plan, and My understanding. Now is the hour of deliverance – deliverance to where I will deliberately send you into places. Some will be short assignments. You will merely go there to speak a word, and it won’t even make sense to your natural man, your flesh, but it will be at My expense that I have sent My word forth. At other times I will send you to follow another and you will intercede and bring that agreement as one who would hold up My will in My temple. I will send you in for agreement. I will have others who will stand and be the pillars. Pillars who will come and tear through men’s plans and make a deposit of My glory upon the hearts and the minds of men over this city and over this nation. My nation will be reclaimed for My own glory,” said the Lord. “Households will be reclaimed for My glory,” said the Lord.

“Do not get tangled in the battle. Do not get tangled in the battlement warfare or even what you wear in the battle. Do not wear strife. Do not wear competition. Do not wear being driven. Always remember the anchor. The anchor is My presence. The anchor is Me being with you. The anchor is you being with Me. I would not send you forth, but I would say learn to tarry in My presence. Be not concerned whether you run to or fro, north, south, east, or west, but learn to tarry in the midst wherever you are standing. Where you are is where you are appointed,” says the Lord your God.

“Know that You are Moving into a New Season”

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on March 20, 2012 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

The Lord says, “I am leading My people to still waters, to still waters to restore their soul; to restore their vision; to restore their strength; to show the reflection of who they think they are and to touch the water for healing, to make them become who they are in Me. I am the One who can strengthen them, the One who could lead them, the One who can raise them up to overcome.

“Know that you are moving into a season. It is going to be a season to where My own, will be seeking and will be searching. They will be seeking and searching more and more. As they are seeking and searching for more and more, I am going to have My own receive the answers quick, quick, quick. Like a sword, My answers will go into the hearts, and it will pierce their hearts. It will pierce their own understanding. My answers will pull down strongholds for you are about to see a mighty, mighty, mighty wind overtake this land. When this wind comes, I do not want My own to tremble. I want to hear ‘Amen’ to the Father of wind. In this wind I will uproot many, many things. Things that have not been grounded in Me, I will uproot. Things that have been grounded in Me, I will send the rain and it will cause those roots to go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. Understand the principle of the tree. I have planted you by the river of life. Out of your belly comes the river of life.

“I am taking off of you the heaviness of man. Some will weep, some will mourn. They will say, ‘That was the vision, that was My vision.'” The Lord would say, “Yes. There is not time for your vision. It is now the time of My vision: My vision that would open your eyes to things that have never seen before. You will see man’s works and they will fall dead at your feet. You will see other works and they will spring up at your feet. It will be the dew of My spirit that will come upon this work.

You will know that I am not trimming, I am multiplying. I am not trimming, I am merely pruning. You will understand the reason I am pruning because I want rich, rich anointed fruit. I want converted people. I do not want lukewarm saints that sit in the seats. I want converted people who converse about Me, one with another. Who converse to Me and I converse to them, one with another. I am looking for a people to be so converted that other things will look perverted to them. They will turn their back on perversion. They will say, ‘I cannot touch that for that is an unclean idol.’ Instead, they will come and they will lay at My feet. My presence will swallow them up. They will say, ‘Truly I have touched the King of kings and He has touched Me.’

“You are Standing on Holy Ground”

“I am going to start to heal My people miraculously in a new way. You will get report after report after report of how I touched minds, how I touched bodies, how I purified the visions and the dreams. Know that I am not only stripping away the overcoat of works. I am fastening upon you My robes of righteousness. In these robes of righteousness, there will be an anointing of oil. Where you walk, the oil will drop. This will be the oil of My spirit. The hour is moving quickly. You will see the enemy begin to propel evil upon the earth. You will understand when Hell comes forth, Heaven comes down. You will come to understand My Kingdom has come. You will come to understand greater works will you do because of Me.

“Extend your hands for the new work,” says the Lord. “I will put in your hands this night, Heaven sent strategy. Do not weep for the stripping but lift your hands in expectancy for the clothing. Have I not said in My word: wait until you have received power from on high. I have called you to release over you new waves of power from on high. Power that man will be dumbfounded at. They will not mock nor will they joke, but in seeing My power, the fear of the Lord will come forth. It will come forth with signs and wonders and fire.

“Understand you will see many, many things pulled aside. Understand this: I am making a highway through the mountains. My own will walk on this highway with Me. There will be a requirement: when you walk in the Highway of My Spirit. HIGH thoughts of Me; HIGH thoughts of purity, honesty, integrity and truth; not high-mindedness. I am pulling down high-mindedness and I am releasing instead the highness of the holiness of My Spirit. Receive Him. You are standing on Holy ground,” says the Lord your God.

“I Am Looking For Proclaimers”

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on March 27, 2012 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

The Lord said, “I have come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. I want you to become those who feel and claim what I have come for. I am looking upon the Earth. My eyes go to and fro looking for those who will become proclaimers. They will be for Me and they will claim for Me. As they proclaim and go forth, others will stand still and know that I am real. My heart weeps for My own. My heart weeps for those who are crying out for Me, and don’t even know who they are crying for. If only they knew My arms are everlasting, and I can pick them up, hold them and comfort them. My arms can also restrain them from damage that would harm them. My arms can point the direction that I would have them walk in, to where they would experience liberty, freedom and happiness, prosperity, blessings.

“I am looking for a people who will proclaim, ‘This is the day of the Lord. This is the hour of the Lord. This is the season of the Lord.’ Know I am taking My own into a time of intimacy. I am calling for vessels to come forth: vessels who will become clean – body, mind, soul and spirit. Vessels who will be called aside, yet they will only be called aside to be refilled. Then they will be led out by My spirit. I will not point them in the way of the wilderness of disappointment, but I will point them to the sea of a broken people. Who will go? Who will heal the brokenhearted in My name? Who will set the captives free in My name? Who will understand the authority of My name? Who will stand in the power of My name?

“I am looking for proclaimers, but first they must become seekers: seekers who seek Me with their whole heart. Then they will find Me, and show others. They will be able to point to the Cross, but not from their head, not even from their soul, but from their broken heart that I have healed and have made whole. I am seeking a brokenhearted people. A people who walk in humility, whose pride has been broken. I am looking to walk among those who are of no reputation and yet chose to spread My reputation: Christ died, Christ risen, Christ coming again, the King, the hope of glory. Who will go forth and proclaim? I am looking for seekers.

“Seek Me in My Word, but seek Me far greater in your heart. I long to cohabitate with you. I long for you to begin to have My thoughts. I long for you begin to understand My ways are higher than that of man. Man has limits, man has restrictions. I am the eternal living God. I will call My own each by name. Come to My Kingdom, learn of My Kingdom, declare My Kingdom has come and let My Kingdom be established among you,” says the Lord your God.

Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries


Eileen Fisher speaks and ministers before many groups and has a desire to fulfill the commission that Jesus gave us all. Eileen is available for retreats, workshops, meetings, banquets or other special events. Eileen is also the author of two new books titled “Embraced by The Holy Spirit” and “Embracing the Prophetic.” She travels, is a frequent TV guest and teaches Schools of Prophecy and Healing. Her husband Fred oversees the ministry and is the ministry administrator. Fred and Eileen are active overseers and members of the board of directors for Freedom Christian Fellowship Church. They have one married daughter, Theresa, their son Michael went home to be with our Lord in 1993, and they have four grandchildren.



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