Alaska, Michigan, Syria, & Chet forms over Denton Tx: Chuck Pierce

Alaska, Michigan, Syria, and Chet forms over Denton Tx

Alaska nears breaking record snowfall!
Reminded of Chuck Pierce’s prophecy about the Heb. new year 5772 link  concerning Alaska and a vision sent in where the person said funny thing there was no snow on the ground…could this signify when it will take place, the season?
The Glory Wind and the Revival Wind Have Met in Michigan! via:
On January 8, 2012, I was with Barbara Yoder in Ann Arbor for a regional gathering. At the beginning of the message I shared: “Michigan is on God’s radar. It’s important we move from east to west. We are asking God to bring a glory realm in, that this region has not seen. Then we will move to the west and stir up the revival wind, and it is going to create . It’s going to be interesting to have a tornado over Michigan this coming year. It will be a sign to you that the winds have met. The glory wind and the revival wind have met. It is going to be interesting to see where it meets, what happens, and what goes on as God continues to move in this area!”

Tornado over Michigan

Last night a severe storm system moved across parts of Michigan, and today’s headlines read:
More than 110 homes damaged as tornado touches down near Ann Arbor, Michigan
Meteorologists have said it’s unusual for Michigan to have a tornado this early in March, and that snow would be far more common for this type of year. So let’s continue to watch Michigan for how the Lord releases Glory and Revival! link:

I saw the news about this tornado and thought it was weird for this time of year to have a tornado in Michigan!

Letter from Chuck Pierce & Glory of Zion

Early March concerning the conflict in the Middle East and Syria specifically and the sign of Chet the 8th Hebrew letter which looks like a doorway or window was seen in the heavens near Denton Tx. link:



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