“Everything Begins in February”; Kim Clement

“Everything Begins in February”

January 5, 2012 – From The Heart

It is the beginning of the year 2012. Again, I’m in my garden – a small secluded area that I cordoned off to pray specifically for Israel. Upon returning from Israel, I walked into this little garden, opened the gate, and said, “Lord, where now?” The Lord spoke to me and said, “The rest of your life you will be in this garden.” And God proceeded to tell me how it pleased Him for me to be in this garden, when I come, that He delighted in hearing from me from planet Earth.

That same day, a dear friend by the name of Steve Shultz sent me an email (without knowing what God had spoken to me about), sharing that said God spoke to him and said that God was so pleased every time I came into the garden to pray, not only for myself and my family, but for my warriors and my team, my partners – those that He has given to me. And he said that God spoke to him and said that I should never sell this property and never depart from this garden – the very thing that He’d spoken to me that day.

As far as the fast goes, He spoke to me and said, “I want you to continue this.” So I’m doing what I’ve basically been doing the last 21 months, continuing in this. 2012 is going to be very interesting for all of us. Why do I say that? Because I was in this garden praying one day and He spoke to me about the beginning of a seven-year period starting in 2012. Of course, you know, we decided to adopt children by the prompting of the Holy Spirit and went to Asia. And as I went to Japan, and stood on the soil and sent my messages to you from there, my broadcasts, standing in the very area where a town was destroyed because of the earthquake and tsunami, I spent some time with a missionary that we support there.

Then I left for China; very difficult, but very beautiful. During that period, I felt like the Spirit wanted me on the soil of Japan, China and Korea. While I was there, the very words I prophesied came to pass and Kim Jong of North Korea died. When I returned from Asia, there was an earthquake in Japan on the first of January. All of this was very significant to me – not to say that because of my presence these things happened – but I did carry the word of the Lord to these nations and started prophesying about the amalgamation and unity of Korea. So my heart is very moved today because I’m thinking about all of this, reflecting and realizing that we’ve already started our journey to 2012 and things are already beginning to happen.

The Year of the Youth, the Year of the Child, the beginning of things that will happen through kids, and already kids are being attacked. Our children were attacked; we’re having many on our team – their kids are being attacked – but it’s good because we know that the enemy is afraid. I’m sure that all of you listening to me now will agree we’re embarking upon a journey that will take us to a glorious outcome, a glorious destiny. We weren’t placed on the earth at this time, together, to just go day in and day out hoping for a breakthrough; no, my friends. We are at the very brink of a breakthrough. Enough is enough; the worst is behind us.

So I encourage you from my heart today and I speak these words to you because I know that you’re in the same place that I am. We wake up and we go to work and we come back at night. But there’s more to this now. We’ve entered a season, and today the Lord spoke very clearly to me about February. I thought it would be January of 2012, the beginning of the year. But He said to me, “Everything begins in February. There will be a death – and everybody will know about it – and then there will be life that will begin to manifest.” You see, people, God wants to show us His goodness. I was thinking, I was praying today, “God, all we’re hearing about is the bad, the pain, the suffering.” But we know there’s another side of God. Moses was very frustrated because the people, the 3 ½ million Jews – all they could see was God’s wrath, God’s anger, God’s judgment, and they were fearful. They ran away from the mountain, but Moses got to a place where he said, “God, enough. Show me Your glory.” We have to see the glory of God. And God said, “I will show you My glory,” and He did.

That’s where I’m at right now. I’m standing before God saying, “Enough. I want to see Your glory.” And I’m praying for all of you today that you would pray that prayer because we are going to see the glory of God. I love you and I look forward to many, many great years together and all of you receiving the breakthroughs that God has promised you. You were sent to this earth for such a time as this, to show the world light and to be an influence to the world. I love you.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens. Let Your glory fill the earth; let Your glory fill every home, every person listening to me, those that You’ve given to me to support and to follow. Bless them, Lord God. Let Your glory fill their lives, their children, their homes, their work, their industry, their ministries, everything. Our hearts are fixed and our hearts are steadfast. We will sing praise; yes, we will sing praise to You. Now Lord, I give You thanks for them and I pray for Your blessing. Amen.

January 16, 2012 – From The Den

The Spirit of the Lord says, “Hear, hear the word, for the word that has been proclaimed today is for your children, for your homes, for your property, for your soil, for your future. This that I intend opening up this year and starting in February will be the first signs of the appearance of the Big ‘E,’ of ‘Firepoint,’ and the beginning of ‘debt-free’ for many of you. Our children have cried out, ‘Give us a hero!'”

And God says, “The absence of war means the absence of heroes; therefore, this war that has proceeded to continue spiritually has brought forth heroes. In this year there will be heroes that will be five years of age; there will be heroes that will be in their teens and they will be spoken of and this word will be remembered, for I will drive out those that are trying to steal what is rightfully yours out of your hand. For this shall be the year of heroes,” says the Lord.

“War has come to an end for a season. Therefore, My house will be built and you will be partakers of the divine inheritance as I bring forth one thing, two things, three things out of the earth again,” says the Lord. “Out of the seas, out of the mountains; you’ve heard it spoken of. But this was nothing compared to what I’m about to do,” says the Holy One of Israel. “Get ready, for I will open up brand new wells for you to take the oil and the spoil,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

Email: hope@kimclement.com

Kim Clement: The life of Kim Clement is an expression that has defined “the prophet” for the modern era. This has made his journey unique; a journey that has taken his inspired message to schools and colleges, churches and synagogues, alleyways and prison cells. Kim’s prophetic gift is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience, as he has whispered to kings and inspired prisoners, his path through life continues to be an exciting adventure. His diverse and extemporaneous perspective has gained him notoriety that transcends culture, race and religion, placing him onto a world platform. He has performed at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, Times Square in New York City, Mt. Carmel in Israel and even the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

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