Shift in the Prophetic – A Fresh Group of Seers Will Emerge: Theresa Phillips

Shift in the Prophetic – A Fresh Group of Seers Will Emerge
Theresa Phillips

During worship on September 18, 2011, a song ending with amen came forth, and this prophetic word started with it:

Amen means yes and completed, let it be so; so that is why sometimes when we’re talking to people we hear the word, “AMEN!” Even the mockers will yell, “Amen, brother!”

You know, they will mock you, but they don’t understand that the word AMEN means one; singular. Do you get it? A-MEN; one. Singular. As one! It means total, one hundred percent, undivided agreement. Yes! That is what it means! It means undivided agreement. That is why it is called A (singular)-men (plural) – undivided agreement! When we begin to agree together, then nothing can divide us. So AMEN, Jesus! Would you not like to have that unity? I would – AMEN! Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Amen!

Eagle Eyes

You know, I learned something this weekend. My Brother-in-Law told me something I had not known. We were talking about eagles and I told him that I thought I had seen a few of them flying over the road. He said, “You did!” He said, “Wherever the river flows the eagles gather along the river.”

Do you realize how prophetic that is? That’s the prophecy right there! You know, I’m going to say this and I think it bears merit: I want to say that I’m going to prophesy right now. Glory to God, alleluia!

There is going to be a fresh stream of clear water for the prophets to dip themselves into. There is going to be a fresh wave of the prophetic, and the prophets are going to dwell by the river as Elijah did (yet not for the same reason). They are going to let the Lord feed them. These prophets are not going to be moved by their intellect, they’re not going to be moved by their emotions, and they’re not going to be moved by what their eyes naturally see – they’re going to develop the eyes of eagles.

(Fact: Whoever came up with the phrase “eagle eye” wasn’t joking – birds have extraordinarily accurate vision. The eye holds scores of receptor cells, called rods and cones, that translate whatever the bird looks at to the image that it sees. To give an idea of how sharp their sight is, humans typically have around 200,000 of these cells per millimeter inside of their eyes. Some birds, particularly birds of prey such as eagles, have five times that many.)

These prophets are going to wait by the river and they are going to be fed by the hand of God. The Spirit of the Lord will visit them with clean, clear eyes. Yes, a fresh group of seers will emerge.

Come on, somebody! Yes, and the prophecies that are about to come forward are going to be for edification, exhortation and comfort, as God called prophecy to be (1 Corinthians 14:3)!

Boots that Will Help You Walk a New Path

We are living in a time and a season where comfort seems to be impossible to find… And I’ve been noticing lately that I’ve been having a hard time finding shoes. I’ve been buying shoes on the Internet, I have been buying shoes at Payless, and I have been buying shoes at expensive stores and can’t find anything comfortable on my feet! I’ve never had this situation before! Suddenly, the Lord spoke to my heart and said He had made some people’s footprints uncomfortable because there is a path that has been taken (which has been barely thriving) by too many people and He is calling us to change our foot gear. I hear Him saying, “Get ready to find boots” – boots that will help you walk a new path.

That is interesting, because that morning one of the first things that came into my mind was, Where shall I go to get a new pair of boots? And then I remembered that song, “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do! One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you” (speaking of the evil one).

I can see high-heel stepping boots, I see heavy boots, I see ankle boots, I see shoe boots, I see boots up to the thigh like the old knights have worn. These boots will become fashionable. I see riding boots as another fashion statement; I see boots looking like armor! I see boots with buckles! Boots with zippers, and buttons like High Button Boots, boots made out of leather, boots made from plastic, rubber and synthetic materials. Boots – some were shining, some were dull; but I’m here to tell you: Get your boots on! Because we’re getting ready to kick butt and take names… Come on! Boots are going to protect your feet! No offense to anybody, but the day of wearing a sandal and being in warfare zones of God is over, because if your foot can be out of commission, you can be stopped. No soldier goes to war without boots.

“Your feet have been exposed! Stop exposing them! It’s time to guard your feet,” says the Lord. “Armor your feet! Armor your feet!” says our Lord.

It takes just one toe out of joint to remove your entire walk. And so I’m seeing even more! I’m actually seeing silver boots! Gold boots, royal blue boots… I want a pair of those! Help the prophets, Lord, to put on protective foot gear, O Lord!

There is Going to Be a Shift in the Prophetic

I hear more about the prophets coming forth. There is a fresh phase of the Kingdom of God getting ready to be released to the Body of Christ. These prophets are going to work in unison with the apostolic, the vision of God will come like a flowing river. Used, dry mantles will come to be washed by the river, and the weary prophets will become on fire and renewed with fresh holiness.

I see an angelic realm coming in, and they are coming in with the armor of the nations. I see the angels of the nations coming in their armor listening to what is being said in the pulpits across this nation, and they are looking for a place to gather the message to take back to their nations.

Psalm 103:20 Bless the Lord, ye His angels, that excel in strength, that do His commandments, hearkening unto the voice of His word.

Wow! In their hands the angels are carrying a net (see reaping angels in Matthew 13:39). Jesus said to cast the net to the other side…to bring in your harvest! There is going to be a shift in evangelism. There is going to be a shift in winning souls! There is going to be a shift in the prophetic – and you will walk in that shift and you will change the atmosphere! Because you put your net to the other side. You have left the old and stepped out in fresh vision and fresh desire.

The season of change will move very fast. It will be a suddenly as if a season changed from spring to winter and skipped summer altogether! Then I heard the Lord say that if we will not be prepared many among us will become sick and go home. “This is not My will,” says the Lord. “I want wellness, I tell you, wellness.

“I am sending supernatural penicillin,” says the Lord. “I am sending supernatural penicillin to make people able to walk through flood waters and not be contaminated. The difference between yesterday and today is the shine of the sun… there will never be another today! There will only be today. The sun is coming out and will dry up the muddy waters. My Son is shining today to clean the hearts of those who are called by My name to do mighty exploits. Make today count, for I am numbering the days.

“Prophets will shift. Teachers will shift. Pastors will shift. And the apostolic will be stronger than ever! I will develop a new breed of evangelists, and many new souls will come into the King’s domain. I am raising up a breed of prophets who will visit Me by the river.”

Ezekiel 1:1 …While I was among the exiles by the Kebar River, the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.

These seers will begin to emerge, and I tell you, Church, these prophets will have learned of Me,” says the Lord God.

Theresa Phillips
Chicago Prophetic Voice




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