The Meaning of the Hebrew Year 5772

Harev Yitzchak Ginsburgh & Chuck Pierce Prophecy 100 Day’s

Sundown Wednesday evening, Rosh Hashana 5772 September 28, 2011  begins the Jewish New Year 5772. In Hebrew numbers and letters are interchanged. And numbers have a singular meaning. Below is what the number 5772 means in Hebrew letters.

5772     “The Year God Spoke”

Coming to us every single day, of this coming year, there shall be 100 blessings descending from heaven in family, life, and livelihood, both materially, and spiritually and in all abundance.

Harev Yitzchak Ginsburgh Heb. site

  Video for parashat Nitzaveem-Vayeilech  Signs for 5772        towards the end of video

                                   100 Days to Set the Course for the Future!

When I was in Alaska less than two weeks ago, the Lord began to speak about the 100 days ahead. I looked up and saw a window. Within the window were 100 doors. This looked like an Advent Calendar, where you open a door a day to find a unique surprise each day. Not only is there a surprise, but each day you uncover revelation that reveals a story and gives you a clear vision for the season ahead!

Prophecy from and to Alaska
“In this 100 day window there are 100 doors, and each door would open one day at a time.  I am setting you on a course over the next 100 days beginning on Sept 27th.  I am setting you on a course to redevelop the move of God I have for you. I will begin to complete things that have not been completed. I will begin to press you through a dimension. There will be councils formed from this state that will enter in and affect the course of Washington D.C.  Above this state there is a window that has formed with 100 doors that represents 100 days, and from this place there will form a new move of God.  Worship with Me into this new day that I am opening up for you. Even though wars have come and you have been in intense warfare, day by day you will gain victory.  Ask Me to add to you one day at a time and you will see 100-fold increase that has been locked in this land begin to unlock.  I will shake loose the increase in this land! I will shake loose the increase in the land! As heaven shifts, I will shake the land. And even loyalties that have been held up I will shake loose. If you will ask Me for your 100-fold, I will bring it to you day by day. 

Move with Me in My time for I am beginning to cause the heavens above you to open wide and the earth to shake. Don’t fear the shaking and don’t fear the opening up.  For you will know day by day I am bringing increase into you. Move with Me in this 100-day season and I will give Alaska an open to harvest where harvest has not been seen. You will see 100-fold return from the Tribes in this land. For they will say, ‘Let me come and bring the increase that I have held back and let me lay it at the feet of the Lord.’ There will be a move in the tribes. They will recognize that the heavens are opening. This window over you is a sign for shaking a nation, and the oil structures of this land will begin to flow in new ways. This will cause a nation to make decisions of realignment.

The harvest window is above you. This window is filled with 100-fold anointing. Every day represents the opening of this new anointing for this land. I have brought you here to equip you with the insights of heaven. Each day I will open up a harvest strategy to you. You will worship in that strategy. You will revelate in that strategy and you will see a nation shaken from the strategy I am bringing from heaven into Alaska.”

(I then met with around 40 leaders to discuss the word)! I knew it was a word for our nation!

The following week I received an update from Mary Glazier, our host for the gathering in Alaska.  She was sent a vision by Margaret Leavitt who could not attend the meeting.  I am copying this 100 Day Vision and 100 Day Declaration below.

100 Day Window (The Vision )
Because I was unable to hear Chuck Pierce’s Prophetic Word for Alaska, I asked the Lord to show me what it was all about.  He showed me the following vision:  I saw a calendar stretched out across the State of Alaska.  In each date square was a door.  As each door opened I saw at least three angels fly up carrying a seed.  I saw each group carry their seed to a new place within the State.  The seeds were planted and began to grow immediately into huge plants and Alaska became a Garden. (Interestingly, there was no snow anywhere.)

I first saw the vision and then I was in the vision standing on the ground looking up into the height of these plants.  Knowing my height, I estimated that the plants were at least 70 feet tall.  One leaf was as big as a tent.  The plants were different but all of this huge size and dimension.  I was next looking down on the Garden from above.  I noticed a black, cancerous growth beginning to grow among the plants.  Almost immediately the plants surrounding it turned and attacked it and completely eradicated it.  Next I was beneath the soil among the plant roots.  I saw a black growth moving through the soil in an effort to destroy the root structure.  However, when the growth just touched the smallest roots they developed a knife or a pair of scissors and began to slash and mangle the blackness until it was completely destroyed.

The final attack came from the heavens.  I saw a ball type bomb coming at the Garden from the sky.  One moment I saw it and then it was simply gone as the plants encompassed it.  At that point the Lord spoke to me saying, “The Garden is indestructible!”  As He spoke, I saw the vines and branches begin to weave together as the plants strengthened and supported one another.

Then He said, “The purpose of the Garden is to establish the Fear of the Lord in the land.”  As I heard those words, I saw the faces of world leaders who are the enemies of God standing, looking at what was happening.  Their faces were full of fear.  Then they turned and headed south literally looking for some place to hide from what they saw coming out of Alaska’s Garden.  Finally, the Lord said, “Alaska is the Center and the Garden grows out from that Center.”    I saw it, as a circle, radiating in all directions.  His last instruction was, “When you pray about it, don’t pray about it!!   Declare it, Declare it, Declare it!”  Following is a list of the Declarations.    I tried to encapsulate the vision into a few sentences that could be declared and still contain the totality of this message.

100 Day Window: The Declaration

  1. God is creating a new, Kingdom Garden planted with Kingdom Seeds.
  2. The Garden is a place of huge increase.  Seeds of Increase will be planted in 100 unique areas across the State of Alaska over a period of 100 days.  There will be increase measured by Kingdom Dimensions in a garden determined by Kingdom Criteria.
  3. It is an indestructible garden.  The “Plants” are empowered with the means to destroy every attack that comes against it. They not only work together to destroy the enemy, they work together to support and enable one another.
  4. The purpose of the Garden is to establish the Fear of the Lord in the land.  The enemies of God will flee before the power and purposes of the Garden.
  5. Alaska is the Center of the Garden.  But as shock waves radiate out from the eye of an earthquake, so will the Garden grow out in all directions … over the Arctic Circle, down through Canada and the US and across oceans to islands and lands far removed.


Chuck D. Pierce


The Apple of His Eye!
The First Twelve (12) of 100 Days to Set the Course for the Future!

EN ESPAÑOL E PORTUGUÊS) Tonight—Deborah DeGar and Keith Pierce:
“A Time to Build & Advance—Restoration and Acceleration of Miracles!”

THE APPLE of HIS EYE! The world had a great creative loss with the passing of Steve Jobs from life to death. I found this interesting since one of the meanings of this Hebraic year, 5772, is linked with EYE and APPLE! His Eye is watching the Apple of His Heart! The Lord has defined the year by bringing all eyes to Apple, Inc. One statement made on the news was: “Perhaps he is watching from heaven over Apple in the Earth!”

Here is a picture of the piece of jewelry that we made for the year ahead! Steve Jobs’ death reminds me of the phrase Isaiah said, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord!” ( Is. 6:1) He was a good king, made a few mistakes, but his death marked the beginning of a new era!

Description: Ayin Bet Pendant

You can order the Ayin Bet Pendant by going to our webstore or by calling 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231.

Yom Kippur begins tomorrow (Friday) night at sundown. Set aside this weekend as a special weekend for your life. Tonight we begin focusing on restoration. Join us for our Receiving Power to Build and Advance Service at 7 PM when Deborah DeGar and Keith Pierce will minister on “A Time to Build & Advance-Restoration and Acceleration of Miracles!” If you are not able to join us onsite, you can watch the live webcast or the webcast replay that will be available through Saturday night.

The First Twelve (12) of 100 Days to Set the Course for the Future!
This 100 Day Journey is amazing! Already results are coming in of new releases of revelation, supply, and completing power for testimonies. Let me remind us all of how this came about. For you who are following us on Facebook, you are getting the prayer focus on a daily basis. However, for you who are not, we have a link where you can go for the first ten days! Just go to to read these in ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL E PORTUGUÊS.

During our Head of the Year Gathering the Lord began to give additional revelation:

“I am sending My lightnings! I have been waiting to fill My children’s mouths with the voice of Heaven! I am sending forth MY messengers of lightening this hour. I have a people that will become lightning rods! They will then become storms in the earth. You will create storms and you will storm atmospheres of darkness in days ahead.

“You stand at crossroads. Nations stand at crossroads. The nations are yearning and saying, ‘It is time for us to run. Show us which way to run.’ My people will determine the way nations in the Valley of Decision will choose to go! My people will split the occult powers that are holding entire nations captive.

“I am entering you into a 100 day window where you will begin to open what has not yet flowed down from My Throne, to create the disturbances in the atmospheres of the earth. For now is My time that the disturbances of earth will occur. You are entering into a season where the earth will be disturbed! This will allow glory to rise. You will be like one who penetrates what has not been penetrated. You will pierce through and into structures that have refused to give up captured blessings!

“You are entering an apostolic and accelerating season! I will send you into places where My Government does not exist! You are entering the apostolic season of going forth. Be willing to go to places that you have never gone before! Be willing to be on teams that will demonstrate My power! Separation has now been activated. Those who have separated will now go forth and illuminate. Visit the threshing floor! At the threshing floors of your ministry and territories, the separation that is necessary to pull in your next wealth structure will occur! I am watching and waiting for you to stand on the threshing floor! Then, wealth can be released.

“The Treasuries of Heaven and Earth will shake. Watch and hear the announcements of the Treasury over these next 100 days! The announcement of the treasuries of the earth will mean that I am shifting My people into a new anointing.

“I am separating the Esaus and Jacobs in your region. That which has warred in your midst as Esau, against My Jacobs, will now change! Lightning is falling on the Jacobs of this hour.

“To the mothers of Israel, I say, ‘Rise up and prophecy what I have shown you! I have shown you what is to come, but you have submitted that into the atmosphere wrongly! Prophesy and submit to the atmosphere. Cry out in the temples what is to come. Just as I revealed to Rebekah Jacob’s call, I have revealed already to the mothers of Israel the calls of My leaders for the future. Open your mouths and speak these calls forth. I am expanding My people and I am bringing down within you that which will explode and cause you to expand. Move with Me, for even the place you stand in here is not the place in which I intend to perform My acts.’

“This is the beginning of preparing the way into the miracle acts for the future. Know this: I now am activating you and you will be those that target what you were afraid to target in the last season. I will show you how to shoot that arrow that is rising up from within the depths of your belly. The arrow will come from your mouth and will penetrate what you could not previously penetrate. Get ready. You have been activated into the season called ‘Lightning’. You have been commissioned to go forth and break open and demonstrate My plan in the season ahead.

“Do not allow the votes of some nation to cause you to back away. I have a Bride that is captured in those nations that are set against Me. I will now activate and send My people in like lightning strikes, to cause the Bride to be liberated.

“You are entering a ‘going’ season. You are entering an ‘activated’ season. You are entering a season of demonstration. You are entering a season when every thought you have you will activate and produce victory. You are entering a season of corporate deliverance. Entire congregations will be delivered in a day. You stand at the crossroads of deliverance for cities and nations. Deliverance is now being released into the earth. Deliverance will now explode throughout the earth realm. I am positioning and synergizing My gifts NOW for this hour.

“Your left foot will now be able to be used to crush heads of serpents. I am anointing that left foot to crush serpents. Your right foot will find its hold to climb.” (Then I saw the side of a mountain with people’s left feet going on a serpents’ heads and right feet allowing people to crush and leap.) “You are entering into a season of crushing and leaping. You will crush the enemy and leap onto the next ledge for vision. Get ready. You are going forth crushing and leaping into the year ahead.”


Chuck D. Pierce

Lightning Pictures

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  1. lory Says:

    this is SO good!

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    I agree I read it every day and pray and walk it out thank you Lord

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