Watch Bastrop, Texas! Chuck Pierce

                                                                       Watch Bastrop, Texas!
I know that many of you have been watching the reports of the fires here in Texas. Earlier this year I was in Austin, Texas with Keith Miller on February 16-17 for the Access! Keys to Prophetic Insight for the New Conference. The Spirit of the Lord began to move powerfully and I heard the word “Bastrop” as a Word of Knowledge.

At first, I wasn’t entirely certain where that city was even located, but trusted the unction of Holy Spirit and began to prophesy: “There will be a drop on Bastrop! I’m going to bring a drop-in to that place . When you see the drop for Bastrop you will know that I have come into the midst of a people to bring great change. Watch, for it will be known that Bastrop has been dropped upon.”

That was all I heard, and didn’t know what it meant or if there was even people in attendance from that city in Texas. I continued to share, “Is anybody from that place? Or close to that place? If you are, go there and prophesy those words. Say those words at every entryway into that place, because it will be a sign of change to this entire nation – when the drop comes on Bastrop. I don’t know when that is or even what that is. But I do know this: there is a scripture that says, ‘Rend the heavens and come down.’ Father, we thank You for the drop that’s going to come on Bastrop.”

The Lord gave me another prophetic word after this one: “There is going to be a lot of heat that is coming. From May through August, the heat will increase.” [I knew the Lord was not talking about summer, either.] “Because the heat will increase, know this: I had to bring heat to un-seal what was sealed up. For there have been seals that have been sealed on things you need to know, that must be unsealed. Therefore, the heat will produce the ability to melt the seal of the revelation that is needed. You will sing in the heat, and as you sing in the heat, seals and decrees and laws that have been working against you, will now be shifted to work for you!”

As you have noticed in the news, Bastrop has been the center of many of the fires in Texas. Texas has lost over 1,000 homes. Let’s decree that from the history of Bastrop, the current position of Bastrop, and the current situation that the people of Bastrop find themselves in that things are being unsealed for the future. I believe this has to do with government. Bastrop is approximately 30 miles from Austin, the state capitol of Texas. When looking at the history of this town it has always been a place of contention or refuge . depending on the perspective and situation. Whether it be from Native American wars or Mexican American wars, this city is very interesting in its history. It was the second oldest incorporated town in Texas and the alternate for the new Republic’s capital.

Chuck D. Pierce

Bastrop Tx. Update

Watching Bastrop 9-10-11
Continue to pray for Bastrop and the fires that are occurring here in Texas. On Thursday we received an email from Mona who works in Bastrop. Her office was evacuated as it sits on the edge of the fire. She shared:

The “drop” on Bastrop is tomorrow.  A huge airplane from California arrived in Austin today and tomorrow will begin to “drop” fire retardant over the fire area.  Guess what, the fire retardant is RED!  The blood of Jesus is covering that area and yes, great happenings will come out of this.

There are many with great needs there, and a portion of our Head of the Year offering will be sent to assist those who have lost so much.




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