When God Says, “Hold the Line”: Theresa Phillips

When God Says, “Hold the Line”
Theresa Phillips

I was in worship when I suddenly saw in front of me a man dressed in a Civil War uniform; then he abruptly changed into another Civil War uniform. He was wearing uniforms of both sides of the line. He stood in front of me and said, “Hold the line.”

I had just given a small historical account the night before to our guest speakers about the Civil War encampment just a short distance from my home. I did not know that it would lead me to understand the importance of a prophetic moment in time. “We have entered a prophetic moment in time,” says the Lord. “Prophets have spoken about this time!”

My city has been the freedom belt. Abolition territory. A peace envoy between First Nation and early settlers. I have known some of their descendents. And it was a place where a powerful battle was fought during the Civil War. On July 4th, I was speaking with my niece in the community park when I began to prophesy that the First Nation people who were in our city would return. I let it go after that (knowing we only prophesy in part).

Now here I was a few weeks later in a unique encounter with the past and the present. I was looking at this supernatural being on the platform that was decreeing across our congregation, “Hold the line.” I had to take that line to my military husband, and he informed me it was often used to encourage men in combat.

The dictionary describes “hold” as:

a. To have and keep in one’s grasp
b. To aim or direct; point
c. To keep from falling or moving
d. To sustain the pressure of
e. To maintain a grasp or grip on something.
f. To stay securely fastened: The chain held.

“My Firm Hand on the City”

As I began to meditate on this vision I had another encounter. A word swelled up inside me like a raging fire not able to be tamed. I heard the Lord speak to me, “Read Nehemiah! Remember Nehemiah!”

I began to weep… like Rachel for her children. I began to see the city I live in, and I remembered the word just given recently that there are over 700,000 unchurched. And I wept some more… guilty. The good works of my earthly father were crying out to me, so was the blood of the war… and the lost of the tribes… all cried out to my heart.

So, I went before My King and asked Him to give me permission to build a wall around my city (see Nehemiah 2:3). I was before Him in the throne room of Heaven when He handed me a scroll, and I opened it, and I saw the words in blue. I saw words in Hebrew meaning “My firm hand on the city.” Then He spoke to me.

“I give this to you. Redeem the lost, show kindness and establish a base of safety for My presence to dwell in. I am in this city; now pray. I have sent many to help fortify the city. Pray that no one will invade. Pray for your church, then the city, then the state, then your nation. But first for your city. Build Me this habitation.”

Of course I wept and am still. His hand is on YOUR CITY… People, on YOUR CITY! And pray we are doing…

Then, I was in prayer again, asking Jesus to stop any false intruder and to mark our city with grace and love, when I saw the soldier again. “Hold the line,” he said. And again I wept, not knowing how to do that, weeping from frustration and weariness, for we do not always know what He is doing, do we? But pray we must. “Arise to new prayer,” says the Lord of Hosts.

So from Nehemiah, I went to Joshua (Joshua 6:16). I was living the Word. We (my husband, my secretary, and myself) began to drive across and all around our city and say, “Hold the line…NO penetration, NO false entry, NO distraction, NO hatred or jealousy shall invade our city. I love my city with the Father’s love. I embrace the realm of the King. I ask YOU, Jesus, fortify the city with angelic guard. Hear us, O Lord.” Suddenly the Spirit showed me something that made me shake. I saw a measuring line in the hands of four angelic guards over the city and they were measuring the city.

They Were Holding the Line!

They were holding the line and I saw them move the line like a wave, and I heard the voice of the Lord say, “I am giving new strategies to fortify cities all across the nation. Some will be by preparing for disaster by floods. Some will be by holding huge prayer events in stadiums. Some will be by evangelisms. Some by missionaries, for I am calling many missionaries back from the field of America. America needs missionaries! I am calling!

“I am redeeming the lost tribe of the Church that has been wandering to and fro. I am rebuilding My Church to be a fortified city set on a hill. I am calling My people to ARISE and ask Me for YOUR CITY, and I will open a door for you that no man can shut. I am going to inquire at My house for extravagant worship, for I am calling My Church to awaken in this hour. I have need of you to HOLD THE LINE of glory, wisdom, UNITY and love. I am fortifying the assemblies with an angelic guard, and I will not relent,” says the Lord.

“I will have Me a city, a state and a nation, for surely you are in the days when kings go to war, and these kings are the leaders of jealousy and contempt. I will bring in a huge SHIFT in your land. For I have said this!” says the Lord.

“NOW prepare Me a place to dwell in, fortify it in prayer and fasting and praise. DO NOT FORGET PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE invokes My PRESENCE, SO PRAISE ME,” says the Lord. “I will be with you, and you will see a change. I am saying, Church, arise and pray, and do this:

“Hold the line! Fortify the cities,” says the Lord!

Theresa Phillips
Chicago Prophetic Voice

Email: Info@ChicagoPropheticVoice.net

Via: elijahlist.com


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