A Wind is Going to Blow, Very Unusual: Kim Clement

                                             August 29,2009  Chicago, Illinois
They will say “what they tried to increase now they are decreasing.”  And God says it shall be a sign.  Even now that the Kennedys have come to this place – I spoke about it – that there would be a massive out-breaking and outpouring in the system in this nation, the political system.  The three enemies that shall rise up and are already on their way, I will take them, I will set ambushments against them, they will confound themselves and this nation shall rise above the occasion and come to oneness with God, says the Lord!

The wind that shall blow through Illinois, Michigan, Ohio – it shall blow and strange shall be the wind that comes.  For they shall say “there is warmth in it, why is it not ice cold, it is warm.”  It is a sign to this nation.  I will take you from your roots, I will remove the scourge that has been set upon Chicago and bring a healthy, holy name back to you.  This wind shall blow in such a way that politicians shall say “there is only one way we can go.  We’ve tried every place.  We’ve looked to the South, we’ve looked to the North, we’ve looked to the West and the East.”  God said they have said “we’ve looked to the White House” and they shall say “we find that there is no answer in the White House.”  And so God says and therefore I shall bring them to my house.  That’s where they shall come, says the Lord of Hosts!

A few months ago I prophesied that there would be a very unusual thing happening to Chicago, through Illinois.  I’m standing here tonight on the outskirts, and I feel such a strong powerful anointing.  I feel like God is changing the time.

The wind is changing course.  Now God says, prepare yourselves, for as I cripple these three enemies that rise from within I will expel any suggestion that will bring any more burden on my people and begin to suddenly bless my house.  My house is your house and your house is my house, says the Lord.  Therefore the heavens have opened, fresh revelation is coming, rejoice!

The house that we call God’s house has become a very poor representation of the Kingdom of God.  We are places of worship that have no kingdom authority, joy, righteousness, peace.  It is a pathetic sound. God said out of the death I will blow and the wind shall come and suddenly bring life from that place they have put on one side and said “Look at this pathetic movement, look at this pathetic place called the church.”  They have scorne d the church. Leaders of the church have fallen.  Why have they fallen? Because they have had no strength to recover.  The priests and the high priests of the nations of the world have been weakened.  And God said, a holy movement is taking place with men first of all.  That means the priest is going to be set in order, the high priests of the home are going to take their authority.  Then he said I will take the nations of the earth, and from this valley, the valley representing the church that has been crippled and weak, I’m not talking about the true church that may not even be gathered in a building.  But I’m talking about that which represents the church and He’ll take them and there will be a reformation and God will breathe – you heard about the wind in Chicago and in Illinois and all of these areas – a strange wind is going to blow according to the prophecy and will continue blowing.  And they will say “this is so strange, this wind.”  You see the wind has changed in the presence of the prophetic.  Why?  … you do see many changes that take place in the weather with prophets. God said I want you to take it as a sign.

A wind is going to blow, very unusual, to bring a holy reformation and that which was empty shall be filled and that which is filled shall become empty.  And God will breathe and bones will come to life.  And the soldiers and the warriors that fell because religion killed them, have fallen on the dead bones of a truth that was once alive, the dead bones of the prophet.

There was a warrior that fell in battle and died, and to hide him the soldiers took this dead warrior and threw him into a tomb, and that tomb happened to be the tomb of Elisha.  And so much truth and so much revelation was in the bones that once his body hit the bones he sprung back to life.  There is truth that has been buried, prophetic words that have been buried in the ground and people have said “it’s gone, it’s over.”  But even in the tomb there is truth.  And God said I will take that and bring them back to life.  This generation is about to experience the most unusual move of the Spirit.
Via: kimclement.com


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