A New Day: For the Men, for the Body of Christ, for America:Theresa Phillips

A New Day: For the Men, for the Body of Christ, for America
Theresa Phillips

Below is a transcribed word of the Lord prophesied live at PMI Glory Institute on Father’s Day, June 19, 2011:

I was in worship and I went to my knees. As I began to stand up again, I felt a hand on my back as if someone was there to help me steady myself. I turned around to thank the minister behind me for help when I asked him, “Did you touch me?” He said, “No.” Then I asked the Lord, “What was that?”

The Lord began speaking to me, and He said, “I called an angel to come help you and strengthen your ankles so that you’ll walk in a new level.” Come on, somebody! What God does to the head flows to the Body. I don’t think you quite caught what I am saying: what I get you get! Alleluia!

No Could Have, Should Have, Would Have

And you know, there is this thing out there that prevents people from stepping into their destiny, because they get caught in something. They get caught in a movement, they get caught in the past, and they get caught not recognizing the present for the hope of the future. Each time you look past the past, you invoke the Presence to take you into the future. But, when you look into the past, it’s no different than the man who hung around the tombs and was filled with demonic manifestations, or the man that laid at the pool of Bethesda, who said, “I can’t…because no one helps me.” So you get locked into a mindset of what could have, would have, should have.

Prophecy for the Men of God

“Because,” says the Lord, “I want to prophesy to you.” And it is very interesting – all the men that came here today, because I’m going to give you a word. All you men of God: Starting in September there will be a move upon the men of America to take back their nation for God. God is going to raise up 100,000 men – maybe you need to set that up! There needs to be 100,000 men who will say, “I will stand for the King of Glory and change the House of America, to help the White House of the nation.”

There is going to be a group of men that aren’t going to be afraid to deliver the word of God with power and might so that the people will repent and turn from their evil ways and God will heal the land. God is speaking to me this morning, and He says this movement is going to start in the month of September 2011, and it is going to go for the next five years. God says He is about to raise a militant army of men who are radical for the presence of God and won’t stop and won’t bend and won’t bow to the traditions of men, but will stand up and become radical praisers and worshipers, and they will invoke a presence of God wherever they go so that people will fall as if Peter was walking among them.

I hear the voice of the Lord saying to the men of America, “Wake up, thou sleeper. I say unto you, Church of America: I gave to you the power first and to the nations second! And I’m saying to the men of America this day and in this hour, you will rise and be heard, for the day of Promise Keepers is shifting to dwellers, shakers and movers.”

And I see God saying with words on the timbrel, and words on the instruments, “A new sound. Words of praise and ecstasy, get ready! There will be a movement that will release the dwelling places for the men to break out of their religious boxes, and they will start allowing the women, the children, and the young ones to come up and start flowing in what God is giving them.

Come on, somebody. You can jump to your feet and praise the Lord for that. If you praise Him, you invoke His presence. Come on, somebody! God says, “This is going to be a challenge and a stretch for many, but,” He says, “if you challenge it and stretch it, you will find that even the excess will fall off.” Come on! I hear Him saying even now that the prophets of old that are here in the below will begin to change. They will change their vernacular from the utterance of “NO” and say “yes” to the signs and wonders and miracles, for they will explode like never before and a lost generation will return to the Lord.

There Will Be a Powerful Awakening Among the Christians, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Jews, Sikhs and the Buddhists

Yes! Amen, amen! I hear God saying even now in this hour that there are men and women strategically placed in the nation of Israel and in the four corners of Jerusalem, and they will begin to blow the trumpets and people will bow and will begin to give their lives to Jesus Christ, and their prayer shawls will be dropped down on the ground, for God will come in like a flood and walk on them [the prayers shawls] as in the day of rejoicing when Jesus entered Jerusalem.

I see the people of God, I see the Greek Orthodox, I see the Roman Catholic, I see the Jew, I even see the Sikhs and even the Buddhist, and I see them saying, “There is something swirling around me, there is something moving around me, and I’m going to shift and I’m going to get into this.” Once they step over the threshold, God will invade them and they will have a face to face encounter with the living breathing Yeshua – and there will be a shift in the land, for Armageddon is not yet. “This will the beginning of a powerful awakening,” said the Lord. Come on, somebody!

I hear God saying “Hear well, oh Church. Hear well, oh Church. Hear well, oh Church! Recognize the sounds that are in front of you, recognize the sounds that are around you, for some will dwell in the sound of old – not in the ancient but of the old sound! But when the preacher comes forth with the new sound, from the ground will spring new growth, and new growth will bring in new souls, and new souls will gather more souls and many will be delivered. Many will be delivered! They will be delivered from heartache; they will be delivered from brokenness; and they will be delivered from a fatherless nation. Come on, somebody!

God says, “You are standing in a nation now where your leaders have not been fathers in the Church, and in the Government they have not been fathers. But I’m about to shift that and I’m going to bring leaders who have a father’s heart to discipline, to love and to push their children forward…so that they will be the generation of the joint heirs with Christ,” says the Lord. Alleluia! Come on, somebody!

Children are About to Declare Majesty!

Men, I tell you…I’m seeing babies that are yet coming out of the womb that, when coming out of the womb and are laid in their little carriers that are in the hospitals, I see the children’s baby hands being lifted up, because their angels are about to be released to play with children – and children are about to declare majesty! Yes, children are about to declare something that we have never seen before. We will start seeing children paint in colors that we have never seen before and that have not been invented here in the below! We are about to see children move in the arts, and many child stars over the next three years will come forth, and they will be Christians and it will be up to the Church to pray for them that they will continue to hold the course.

“In My Father’s house are many mansions,” said the Lord, “and I’m going to prepare a place for you.” Jesus said, “Father, I pray that they will be one…as we are One.” And I hear God saying, “If you begin to continue to move in the realms of the King’s domain, they will become one and one, they will become one and one, they will become one and one, they will become one and one. And I release into you this day and in this hour the Father’s realms of the Kingdom.” Praise God! Glory to God! Come on, somebody! Alleluia! Praise the Lord!

How many of You receive God’s word today? Give Him a shout! Alleluia! Oh my God, my God, my God, my God! I hear the Lord saying, “Illegitimate children are about to become legitimized in the presence of God.” Alleluia! I hear, illegitimate wives and illegitimate husbands are about to fall into the hands of God, and God says what He has forgiven, NO man can destroy… Come on, somebody!

Prayer for a Young King

Oh, my goodness! I see Jesus! People, you have got to pray because I see a young king! I see a young king! I see a young man that is about to become king! Oh my! Jesus! Heaven! Heaven move! Because there is a young man who is about to become a king, and this young man is on the brink of two thresholds, one of tolerance and one of righteousness, and we have to pray for this young king to become a king of righteousness. I pray for the heart of Melchizedek to hit this boy who will be King. I pray for the spirit of Melchizedek to hit this boy who is about to become king! He is about to become King. People, He is about to become a king, and we need to pray for the kings of the world that they will have the spirit of righteousness.

I see a force of reckoning; I see a force of reckoning; I see a force of reckoning where there is going to be an adamant force against this young king as he stands on his coronation day, and he stands on the presence of his oil, and he stands under the utterance of the anointing. I see a recompense coming his way from an enemy trying to destroy, but God says, “Anyone who calls upon My name shall be saved…” And as the way of the King goes, so shall go the nation. And the young boy must say the name of Jesus on his crowning day, and God will turn the nation! Holy God, holy God, holy God, holy God! We call for this king, we call for intercessors for this king, this boy to be King.

America, America, you do not like the monarchy, but America, America, you are in love with royalty. And I say to you, oh America, your King of Glory is coming in and you shall all be crowned with royalty. Let the horns blow! Let the horns blow for the presence of the King!

A Word for America

I hear the Lord saying: “Get ready, your soldiers are coming home!” I heard God say: Get ready, your soldiers are coming home! Your military is coming home, but I’m bringing home your soldiers. And you will have to embrace the soldier who would have no job. And you will have to employ them. And I say, if you do, I will make you prosperous…I will make you prosperous,” says the Lord! “When you honor the soldier, you will honor My realm and I will make you prosperous,” says the Lord.

“Oh beautiful, for your spacious skies, for your amber waves of grains, your majestic mountains filled with majesty, far above are fertile plains… America, I love you. America I adore you. America, I shall be your Father once again. America, you’re beautiful. Europe you’re magnificent. The southern continents, your greatness, your eastern nations full of glory. I made this world, I love it so. I made this world with My hands you know. I fashioned it with majesty. Oh, beautiful you are to Me.

“I’m about to become a Father once again; I’m raising sons and daughters from Jerusalem. I’m taking you on a journey when you find Me on your knees. I’m calling you, oh beautiful; I’m calling you, My wondrous Bride; I’m calling you to be in love with My Son in whom you abide. I’m about to be a Father once again, with my sons and daughters from Jerusalem.

“I will cover you with the glory cloud. Oh, to you I say don’t doubt, it’s time to change the world. It’s time to take the captives in. Prisons and ministries, release the captives; set them free. It’s time to see you in Me; it’s time to see you with Me, it’s time. Take it, it’s your time! It’s your time, it’s My time (to shine). It’s the blessing time once again.

“Anything is yours; ask, and I will give you back.” I see people of many nations coming into this season, and anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved and hear the Lord, each and every one of you that are here today. Would you be willing to sacrifice your time and go bring in someone to Jesus the Christ? For there is renewal being birthed in the land and the old guard is going to change and the new guard is going to stand; and the old guard is going to pass the batons while they go back into prayer, and they’ll come back fierce as lions. Come on, somebody! Let’s praise the Lord!

Theresa Phillips
Chicago Prophetic Voice

Email: Info@ChicagoPropheticVoice.net

Via: elijahlist.com


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