Watch For New Things to Happen through June: Doug Addison

Watch For New Things to Happen through June
Doug Addison

Each year interesting things happen between Passover and Pentecost. Jesus was resurrected right after Passover and about fifty days later the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples for the first time on Pentecost. The original time between Passover and Pentecost was a very spiritually active time and it still is today. It is a time where God transitions people from being in a hidden place into revelation of His new plans and assignments for them.

What are the new plans God has for us?

Three things that God is bringing to us right now are: new authority, new revelation, and visitations of His peace and presence.

· Jesus gave new authority. See Matthew 28:18.

· New revelation was given to understand things prophetically. See Luke 24:45.

· Visitations of God’s presence and peace. See Luke 24:36.

Justice of the Peace Angel

This year, Passover started Tuesday, April 19th and went through Monday, April 25th. It was during this time that we began receiving new revelation and assignments.

On April 21, 2011 an angel was in my house for several hours that was dressed like a Justice of the Peace from an old western movie. Immediately we began to see a dramatic turnaround in many areas of our ministry and life, including justice and peace! We started getting unexpected checks in the mail and things that had been delayed suddenly opened. There have been opportunities for things that are now coming that had been promised to us for a long time. God’s presence of love and peace continues to invade us at a higher level.

Transitional Angels

Also during Passover, I had several significant visitations by an angel calledTransition that I have not encountered before. This type of angel signals great change that is happening right now in people’s lives. I have had dozens of people tell me that suddenly they feel that they are about to make a change to something new in their lives. God is re-aligning the chessboard, so to speak. We have all been in a season of transition for quite some time. Now is the time for action and to actually see things move and shift us for a greater impact.

Floodgates Opening

It is not a coincidence that one of the current major news stories is that “The Floodgates are Opening.” The massive amount of water being released through the Mississippi River is symbolic of a massive release of the Holy Spirit that is happening right now. God is releasing things in the Spirit that will not be contained.

Passover to Pentecost

Check for yourself, go back and look at your journal or calendar for last year, April 5 through May 23, 2010. I experienced a lot of new things and had a surge of financial increase during that time. To understand how God speaks, I highly recommend journalizing or using a computer to track and record the things you hear from God and other notable events that are happening in your life. You will begin to see that God is doing much more than you may now realize.

Last year God said that He was releasing something new for me on Pentecost, May 23, 2010. I never saw anything happen. Then I realized that it often takes nine months for new things to grow and be birthed. I checked February 23, 2011 and, sure enough, it was the week of new amazing media contacts. We need “eyes to see” what God is doing in our lives.

Passover to Pentecost this year is April 25 through June 12. It is an amazing time with lots of dreams, revelation, and angelic activity. It is time to take your injustice claims before God and ask for repayment. Watch for new things to happen specifically between June 8-12.

You can make your claim right now for things that you have lost or have been stolen from you and your family. It is time to go before His Throne boldly and plead your case in the Courtroom of Heaven. Watch for the new things to begin to open and things that were in transition begin to take shape.

Doug Addison
InLight Connection


Doug Addison is a prominent international conference speaker, author and has been a featured guest on television and radio for a number of years. His events are fun and high-energy as he uses media and stand-up comedy as a means of communicating deep insights. He is an experienced prophetic dream interpreter and a professional stand-up comedian.

Doug Addison’s Itinerary:

Note: Events are subject to change at the ministry’s discretion. We suggest you always check first with the event contact listed here and/or directly visit their website for latest updates on each event.

May 27-28, 2011 (Fri 7pm & Sat 10am-5pm)
Prophetic Evangelism Training/Outreach
Camarillo Vineyard
1320 Flynn Rd,Camarillo, CA 93012
Contact: 805-987-4113

May 29, 2011 (10am)
Camarillo Vineyard
1320 Flynn Rd, Camarillo, CA 93012
Contact: 805-987-4113

June 1, 2011 (7pm PST)
Spirit Connection Webcast
Doug Addison does prophetic teaching on a webcast the first Wednesday of each month.



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