Count the Omer NOW: Chuck D. Pierce

Dear Prospering Saints:

Incredible revelation starts pouring in between Passover and Pentecost. This time is called “The Time of Counting the Omer”. Omer literally means sheaf. Leviticus 23:15 says that it is a blessing to count the omer. The time between Passover and Pentecost is a transition time. Transition means you cross over. The omer time is the time of looking at how you will consume your supply and unlock supply for the future. This is an important period of growth and introspection. We must review all revelation from the past season and the way we operated in supply in our last season.

The people were freed from Egypt so that they could receive the Torah. A major reason of this season is to show your desire for revelation from God to come alive in you. If you enter into this time of “counting the omer” you will press into new revelation. (I am not suggesting you legalistically do anything, but rather meditate on the concept of supply and revelation at this time.)

The first thing you do in counting the omer is stop, review your blessings, and then bless God! Get to know Him. See the fullness of who He is through His Son who was sent to redeem us. Secondly, the seven weeks associated with counting the omer are meant to press you into spiritual improvement, new relationships, new respect, spiritual correction and restoration from the mistakes of the past, and the development of a triumphant mindset for the entire season ahead. Initially I had thought to send you a daily process on how to do this, but realized that many people get into legalistic formulations and miss the point of why we do something.

Continue to Pray for Alabama

Last week I participated in a conference call with 20 key leaders that was hosted by Apostle Kyle Searcy. They are moving in unprecedented unity in this time of restoration and grief. Their response is producing a Kingdom model. Here is a good example of counting the omer: we regularly go back through all of our prophetic words. My assistant, Brian Kooiman, found that on December 31, 2010 I had prophesied regarding Huntsville, Alabama. I saw the heavens coming down into the earth realm and rearranging Alabama, and prophesied:

“Huntsville, Alabama, you will be rearranged!” I had focused my prayers from Huntsville. As you know, when God gave me a vision of the Triumphant Reserve He showed me three states that would lead as models for our nation: Arizona, Alabama and Alaska.

Understanding the Angelic Highway

After our services on Sunday, we knew that we needed to teach on the agreement that is needed between Heaven and Earth, and how partnering with the Lord’s angelic army opens the way before us. Just over a week ago, the Spirit of the Lord began to stir and I began to prophecy:

“I have a holy array but you are used to one type of cadence and I have another type of cadence. When you come into this order that I am bringing into the earth now, you will move in a way that the military of the earth does not understand. You’ll move in a way that nations have to come into alignment. You’ll move in a way that causes hidden supply to rise to the surface. You’ll move your feet with a different beat and in that movement I will create new highways.”

Anne Tate continued: We are moving into a time when there is a new river of timing as we move to the now time. In generations past we have moved according to what the Church has said, but this is a time when you will apprehend the now moment and begin to move in that. The angelic highway is connected to the now moment. As you do that you intersect with the angelic on your way. Other nations will look and say, ‘What is it they know? What are they predicting? As they are moving, how are they moving in such an array with everything flowing?’ The Lord says, “This is a river of time I am sending!”

We want to see the angelic highway established so that Heaven and Earth can connect in a way to establish the Lord’s plans.


Chuck Pierce

Glory of Zion International Ministries



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